Writing Is One of the Most Important Skills Students Learn in Elementary School, Here’s Why

By APlus on 7 February 20 Blog

English enrichment program

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When Albert Einstein went to Boston in 1921, he was confronted with a questionnaire that Thomas Edison was using to find employees. On this questionnaire Einstein noticed that applicants could simply look up some of the answers in a reference book. This prompted him to express an idea about the value of developing other faculties:

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Similarly, learning how to write isn’t just about developing writing skills. It’s also a way of training the mind to think. The connection between writing skills and success in other areas has been studied by many education scholars. Here are a few reasons why the development of writing skills in elementary school draws so much attention from educators and why these skills matter throughout a person’s life.

Writing Skills Improve Communication Skills

In a writing workshop program, students have the opportunity to focus on active writing skills, which will contribute to their overall communication skills. Whether they are writing an argumentative essay or composing a story, students’ ability to express themselves in written language will help them express themselves in general.

Let’s break down the components of writing:

  • Vocabulary: choosing the right words for tone and accuracy
  • Phrases and sentences: following conventional grammar rules
  • Paragraphs: learning how to organize ideas into logical structures

Each of these components corresponds to components of communication. Writing exercises provide a structure through which students think through what they want to say and how they want to say it. Their increased capacity to do this in writing will make them better communicators in general.

English enrichment course

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English Enrichment Class Gives Students a Future Beyond the Classroom

A young student’s professional career may be many years away, but the right English enrichment class will provide a foundation in writing that will have long-term benefits. The early introduction of focussed writing skill development will make sure that students do not have to play catch-up later in life.

Proficiency in written communication is a necessary skill for most school subjects whether doing a lab report or composing an essay. Teaching the mind to think through writing will also help prepare your children for entrance exams, standardized tests, personal essays for applications, and more. Most importantly, writing skills will give your child confidence to excel in their academic interests.

The Connection Between Writing and Reading Skills Is Real

Last but not least: writing skills are linked to reading skills and overall academic achievement. Childhood education researchers have found associations between writing skill development in elementary school and overall academic performance. According to one such expert:

Kids need to start writing early because writing helps to cultivate emotional growth, develop critical thinking skills and improve school performance.

English enrichment class

A love of writing will foster a love of learning throughout life

Furthermore, if your child has an interest in science and technology, for example, writing and reading skills will make these concepts more accessible. Language proficiency makes learning other subjects easier because the materials are more comprehensible. Students are also able to demonstrate their comprehension of complex concepts with greater ease if they have practiced their writing skills.

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