Writing Workshops for Elementary, Middle School & High School

“We were so happily surprised that Elan is able to write with such vivid vocabulary and in really clear organization!”   ~Mrs. Peng, proud mother of Elan, an ISEE test prep student who ranked 4th out of 100!

Students practice writing in a variety of literary styles, which include analytical texts, short stories, researched arguments, persuasive and narrative essays, and poetry.  Working in small groups and individually with teachers, every student is presented an opportunity to fine-tune their knowledge of writing genres, their personal writing skills and vocabulary.

Middle School Writing Workshop

Grades 6-8

We teach students the writing skills necessary to succeed on written assignments for middle school and early high school classes, as well as on standardized tests. The course focus is on brainstorming and graphing ideas, organizing the essay, drafting, peer editing and review, and lastly, final revisions.   Students learn how to convey their ideas effectively in a variety of literary styles.

High School Writing Workshop

Grades 9-12

This class is designed to teach students the analytical composition skills necessary to receive top scores in high school classes and standardized tests, as well as prepare them for the rigors of college-level writing. Students will conduct extensive text analysis and present their ideas in polished, sophisticated essays that demonstrate higher-level engagement with text and writing.

A+ Commitment to Your Child’s Success

With over 20 years experience teaching children in Boston, ASC is committed to providing your child with a supportive, challenging, and stimulating environment in which to develop their writing skills. Enroll your child in a Writing Workshop today!

Schedule & Fees

Classes are held on Saturdays in four 8-week terms during the school year.
Starting dates for each session
Fall Session Sep Term September 12, 2020
Nov Term November 14, 2020
Spring Session Feb Term February 6, 2021
Apr Term April 10, 2021
Class time
Morning Class  9am-12pm
Afternoon Class  1pm–4pm
For students in Grades 6 – 8 $840 per 16-week session; book fee $100

$420 per 8-week term; book fee $50

For students in Grades 9 – 12 $450 per 8-week term; book fee $50

1106 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA 02215
65 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02111
Download Application Form

  • Complete the application form and email it to us (aplusinfo@ascenglish.com) or mail to us. We will get in touch with you within one business day.
  • Application fee $20 for new students, and it will be waived when five students or more apply at once.
  • Book fee will be charged separately.
  • Students who register for four sessions at once will receive a materials fee waiver for one session.

Schedules and Fees

Limited availability, reserve a spot now with $50 deposit and $20 application fee for new student!
Classes are held Monday to Friday in two 3-week sessions.
Session 1
June 29 – July 17, 2020 (no class on July 3)
Session 2
July 27 – August 13, 2020
Class times
Morning class 9am-12pm
Afternoon class 1-4pm
Full Day Program 9am-5pm (Drop off starts at 8:30 am and pick up by 5:30 pm, TBD due to Covid-19)

Summer Session locations

Summer Session is Only Available Online Due to Covid-19

Download Application Form

Complete the application form and email it to us (aplusinfo@ascenglish.com) or mail to us. We will get in touch with you within one business day.

Questions?  Call 617-730-3706, 617-451-8988 or e-mail aplusinfo@ascenglish.com