Student Testimonials


  • “I was amazed to see how much new content is introduced from transitioning from 5th to 6th grade.
    That would be very hard for any elementary school student transitioning to middle school, especially during a transition period of online/hybrid learning model from schools now.
    With the teachers’ help, I thought my son made significant progress with both the English curriculum (lots of grammar which wasn’t focused on at his school as well as writing, which he was quite weak at) as well as Math curriculum (lots of new content on rates and proportionality, data analysis, as well as solidifying mixed operation skills).
    The homework plus the sessions in the morning gave him much needed structure, which is very helpful to him. When I asked him what was he most proud of in the summer, he said he was able to finish his ASC homeworks (and all the extra works), which made me quite proud.”

    May-parent of Henry An- going onto 6th grade (English and Math Summer Program 2020)

  • “Our experience started with the summer enrichment program. We saw children wearing the A+ tee-shirt on an school- wide outing one day. We were looking for an enrichment program in which our son could keep from getting rusty on math skills during the summer vacation. We then started sending him to classes to prepare for the SSAT/ISEE as well as to support 7th grade math. He loves it! “Mom, I found like-minded kids – The are very smart and they like to play video games!”
    I am sure we will continue with ASC through high school as ASC has programs to support students through high school math and certainly to prepare for college entry with the SAT .”

    Parent of 7th Grader in Saturday Program and Summer Sessions

  • “The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive and experienced in teaching test prep. Our kids have made major improvements on their tests. The material learned in class is also helping our kids at school! All the staff members are friendly and really care about each of the students. The staff and teachers are always updating us on progress of our kids and are extremely knowledgeable about the ISEE testing process. Our kids have had an amazing learning experience. We recommend the A plus program to anyone who is looking to get help in test prep or get ahead in learning. “

    Monica Depina and Erma Pinto (Parents of students from Middle ISEE class)

  • “When taking the final test I kept remembering the strategies that I was taught on the verbal and math sections, especially when I was stuck on a few problems. When I got the scores back… I couldn’t believe it- I got a 1600! An increase of over 300 points! Now I feel totally prepared for SAT.”

    Zhihan X. (Summer Session 2018)

  • “I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!”

    Tancrede R., 4th Grade

  • “Absolutely would recommend the college counseling program. This allows your college application work be done early, and you have a comprehensive understanding on how the process works.”

    Richard T. Grade 12

  • “I have been with ASC since I was in second grade. I have learned to continue to work hard, even if I struggled. ASC has been a welcoming program ever since I was young. I grew up with ASC and now I am a volunteer. I really enjoy coming to ASC because it is a very welcoming program.”

    Jocelyn S. Grade 10

  • “I have been with ASC for many years, and I found that the summer programs were a great balance between work and play. By going to these sessions, I was able to better remember what I had learned the year before, and also learn about what I would be taught in the coming year. In the afternoon, ASC managed to balance out hard work with fun, as we went on many fun field trips such as visiting museums and going to the park. Overall, ASC has helped me become a better student and will always be a fond memory.”

    Tiffany C. Grade 11

  • “I first heard of ASC about a year ago when my sister first took a lesson here. Later did I realize that ASC also offered a volunteer program. I signed up for the program thinking that it would be nothing more than we grinding out my hours for school. When I first arrived at ASC, I realized that my assumption was nothing but incorrect. ASC does a great job at balances academic learning with leisure and free time. Even as a volunteer helping out younger students, I realized that ASC tries it’s very best to ensure a great program to enhance not just the academic material but also the urge to learn more. Overall, I would recommend ASC to anyone who wants take a chance to explore paths and visions that they never knew they had.”

    Evan Z. Grade 11

  • “I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years. The reason they want to come back again and again is because the teachers here are very knowledgeable in their subject areas and also they know how to communicate with kids in a way so that the kids can understand new materials very quickly and effectively. Usually, my son will fight with us for any extra courses outside of classroom. But A+ Program is the one he is always looking forward to be in. I highly recommend A+ Program to any parents, who want their children to get either extra challenges or extra help besides school works.”

    Mother of Hope and Abraham

  • “My husband showed me Elan’s works and we were so happily surprised that Elan is able to write with such vivid vocabulary and in really clear organization!”

    Elan’s mother

  • “This program isn’t just based on academics. When you come to ASC, you start building friendships and life skills. I improve each year with my Math and English skills, and coming here gives me a head start for the next school year. I have enjoyed coming back each year, and will continue to come back as long as I can.”

    Brandon Lum (Natick High School, Grade 10) – A+ Scholar for 10 years.

  • “For several years, I have come to ASC each summer, and it has helped me gain an edge over my classmates for the upcoming school year. ASC is more than a place to grow academically-it is a fun, rewarding environment that helps you grow as a person.”

    Corey Wong (Newton North High School, Grade 11) – A+ Scholar for 6 years.

  • “Before A+, I was awful at English and standardized tests, but the lessons and extra practice have helped a lot. I’ve improved in grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The teachers are encouraging, and have taught me about life after high school and how I can start to prepare for college early in high school.”

    Jessie Yang (Newton North, Grade 9).

  • “I like that the classes are relatively small, so teachers can help people individually more easily. I’ve been able to fortify my Algebra 2 essential skills, specifically those relevant for Pre-Calc next year.”

    Leona Lo (Westwood High School, Grade 11)

  • “The classes really forced me to do a lot of SAT practice problems that allowed me to become familiar with the actual questions on the exam. The teachers are really approachable and not intimidating, and they shared their own experiences with the SAT as well. It’s nice to have a different outlook on the test and hear about what to expect after we complete it!”

    Francesca Mei (Belmont High School, Grade 11)

  • “A+ has taught me many new things that will prepare me for a better future. It prepared me for the ISEE by teaching me about the format and by giving me test-taking skills and strategies to face the exam with confidence.”

    Serena Cai (Woodward School, Grade 8).

  • Vincent shared that his writing teacher has a great sense of humor and creates a lighthearted but rigorous environment where he can truly learn. The teacher also often encourages students to actively participate in class and express themselves. In class, Vincent learned so much about how to express himself in writing, but he also learned how to express himself verbally from his peers during break times, sharing experiences and making lasting friendships. He now voluntarily asks for more classes- he wishes there were two Saturdays a week!

    Vincent Liu’s mother

  • My two children started at A+ in February, 2015. Within less than 8 months, their academic English has greatly improved! My 11th grader, Peter, has improved more than 300 points on his SAT after three sessions of study. He has also accumulated very valuable leadership experience through his time volunteering at A+ during this summer.

    Mother of Peter Zhu

  • My 10 year-old daughter, Angel was not able to understand the teachers in school when she first started her study in the U.S. early this year, however, through this past half year of study at A+, Angel has caught up with her academic study and she has no problem participating in school now. Angel was very shy to speak when she started school, but she is very confident now to communicate with her teachers and peers. My family is very grateful that A+ has helped our children gain academic advancement and confidence.

    Mother of Angel