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SAT Prep Classes for the Summer

The SAT is one of the most important standardized tests your high schooler will take. The score they receive on it can significantly affect their admission chances of gaining admittance into their dream school. With SAT season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your student for this critical exam. Enrolling your child in ASC’s SAT prep classes for the summer is one method worth looking into.

Our summer SAT prep classes can help your child achieve their best possible score. Our expert instructors are highly experienced in teaching the skills and strategies necessary to succeed on the SAT. They’ll work with your child to identify areas of strength and weakness and create a personalized study plan to maximize their score.

Don’t send your child to the testing site unprepared. Enroll them in our flexible SAT prep classes for the summer and give them the tools they need to succeed academically.

Schedule and Fees

Classes are held on Monday-Friday in two 3-week sessions during the summer.
Starting dates for each session
July Session (7/1/2024-7/19/2024)
August Session (7/29/2024-8/14/2024)
Class times
Afternoon Class 9:00am – 12:00pm

For students in Grades 9 – 11

SAT Test Prep $1260 per 3-week session, $606 per week, book and material fee $240; $2520 per 6-week term; book and material fee $480


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  • 65 Harrison Avenue, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
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  • Application fee $30 for new students, and it will be waived when five students or more apply at once.
  • Complete the application form and return it with the $50 deposit to reserve a seat.
  • Material & Book fees are not included in the tuition.

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The new digital SAT, set to be implemented by 2024, comes with significant changes in its format and structure. This alteration from analog to digital represents a significant evolution in standardized test formats. Despite these changes, however, the test continues to focus on assessing similar skills and maintains its 1600-point scoring system. With this profound shift, understanding the structure of the digital SAT becomes crucial in preparing to score well.

Breakdown of the Sections In The SAT

The digital SAT breaks down to two main sections, replacing the previous three sections of Reading, Writing and Language, and Math. Each of these sections is further divided into two modules. Significantly, the second module’s questions change based on a student’s performance in the first module. This change highlights the adaptive nature of the digital SAT, tailoring the test in response to each student’s skills and knowledge.

Apprehending this structure can help students strategize and target their strengths while working on their areas of weaknesse. For instance, A Plus Program’s Tutoring and mentorship program includes focusing on individual strengths and weaknesses of students, thereby ensuring they are fully prepared for the adaptive nature of the digital tests. It is also essential to familiarize with the Bluebook™ app, as it is the primary tool to undertake the digital SAT.

Time Management Strategies For The SAT

Effective time management is a crucial factor for success in the new digital SAT. Since the test has shortened to only two sections, students now have more time per question. However, the inclusion of adaptive testing, meaning the test’s difficulty adjusts to each student’s answers, warrants a re-evaluation of time management strategies.

Students can begin by setting out a study schedule and sticking to it. Regular practice, particularly with the Bluebook™ app, can help students get accustomed to the new testing format. Furthermore, it is beneficial for students to solve full-length practice tests mimicking the actual test conditions – this can aid them in understanding their baseline score and in determining how many hours they need to prepare effectively.

Consistency in classroom work, homework, and undertaking challenging high school courses also play a vital role in time management. These activities not only develop crucial skills needed to excel on the SAT but also condition students to manage their study time more effectively. By adhering to these strategies, students can build valuable skills and boost their confidence in managing their time on the SAT.

Creating a Study Schedule

Designing and adhering to a study schedule is a fundamental aspect of preparing for the new digital SAT. Setting aside consistent, dedicated time for studying helps develop the necessary skills, and instills a habit of consistent work.

An effective study schedule can start by establishing a ‘goal score’, the SAT score likely to ensure acceptance into prospective colleges of choice. From this point, students can lay out a practical timeline for their study, taking into account the time left before the SAT, school obligations, and other commitments. This deliberate planning helps strike a balance between various responsibilities while ensuring dedicated SAT preparations. Local SAT Prep Classes like the A+ Program SAT Prep Course, can further guide students in creating a structured study schedule.

Equally important as creating the schedule is sticking to it. Consistency aids in continually compounding knowledge and skills that are crucial for SAT success. Remember, regular practice fosters growth and incremental improvement leads to significant progress over time.

Useful Resources for Practicing the SAT

Leveraging various resources for SAT practice plays a considerable role in achieving the goal score. The shift to the digital SAT has led to an emergence of digital resources, tailored to match the new test format. The College Board’s ‘Bluebook’ app, for instance, is an invaluable tool for digital SAT practice. It offers full-length adaptive digital SAT practice tests that mimic the real test scenario. Once a practice test is completed, the app allows students to review their practice test score and understand answer explanations, fostering a solid understanding of areas they excel at and those that need further work.

Finally, ‘The Official Digital SAT Study Guide is a comprehensive resource to guide students’ study. This guide, available for purchase at the College Board store and bookstores, offers additional academic support and insights into the digital SAT.

In conclusion, effective preparation for the digital SAT requires a well-thought-out study schedule and appropriate use of various preparatory resources. Remember, your success in the digital SAT is within reach with the right approach and commitment.

Maintaining Focus and Concentration

Focusing on the new digital SAT requires mental stamina, which can be nurtured through consistent practice and behavior modification strategies. Improving concentration begins with maintaining a regular sleep schedule and ensuring adequate rest. Studies have shown that adolescents need 8 to 10 hours of sleep for optimal cognitive functioning. As a result, your brain can effectively process and retain new information, necessary skills to excel on the SAT.

Additionally, implementing a regular exercise regime positively impacts cognitive skills and attention span. The Harvard Medical School Journal reports that regular exercise helps boost mood and memory while reducing stress and anxiety, which can hinder focus. Hence, building physical activity into your daily routine can aid in maintaining mental sharpness necessary for the digital SAT.

Finally, maintaining your focus during the examination means training your brain to stay concentrated on tasks for extended periods. The A+ Program gives you different SAT Test Taking Strategies such as time-blocking study periods, practicing mindfulness, and taking short breaks for effective “brain rest”.

Handling Exam Pressure and Time Management

The new digital SAT underscores the importance of time management. This can be stressful for some students, but with the right approach, exam pressure can be significantly reduced. Firstly, familiarizing yourself with the format of the digital SAT can alleviate test anxiety. Tools like the Bluebook app and the resources provided by the College Board can give students a clear picture of what to expect on the day of the exam.

Secondly, learning how to allocate time during the test efficiently is crucial. Keep track of time without obsessing over it, aiming to spend just enough time on each question to ensure accuracy without getting stuck on a single question. Practicing with the Official Digital SAT Prep can be beneficial here, as it allows you to deal with ‘real’ test conditions, helping you become proficient at managing time under pressure.

Lastly, it’s important to manage your expectations and stress. Many students feel they must answer every question correctly, but remember – the SAT is designed to challenge you. It’s okay not to know every answer. Work on maintaining a positive mindset, and remember that a single exam doesn’t define your worth or potential. At A+ Program, we believe every student can achieve academic success with the right guidance and preparation.

Understanding Your SAT Score

The SAT, administered by the College Board, is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. The score you receive on this test can significantly affect your educational journey, therefore understanding your score is crucial.

Each SAT section, Math, and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, is scored on a scale of 200 to 800, making 1600 the highest possible combined score. Furthermore, the test results include subscores and cross-test scores, providing in-depth insight into specific skill areas.

When you understand your SAT score, you can decipher your strengths and areas requiring improvement. This knowledge is particularly valuable when choosing which high school courses to enroll in and determining the focus areas for your SAT preparation. For instance, if your score in the Math section is exceptional but the score in the Reading and Writing section is average, you may decide to enroll in more challenging English courses. Working harder on these subjects can enhance your skills and subsequently improve your SAT score.

You can also compare your score with the average scores of students admitted into your targeted colleges. By reviewing their 25th and 75th percentile SAT scores, you gain a clearer idea of the SAT score you should be aiming for. This comparison is vital as it helps you set realistic scores to achieve your desired college acceptance.

Improvements and Next Steps

After understanding your SAT score, the next logical step is to work towards improvements. With your identified weak areas, it is time to get strategizing and planning an effective preparation regime.

A crucial part of preparing for SAT is setting a goal score. This is the score that would likely get you accepted into your target schools. You can find your goal score by checking the 75th percentile SAT score of your target schools. After setting a goal score, it helps to establish a baseline score. This is the score you would achieve if you took the SAT test without any prior preparation. By subtracting your baseline score from your goal score, you can get an estimate of the study hours you would need to reach your target.

One valuable resource to leverage during your preparation is the Bluebook app, as suggested by College Board. The app provides full-length practice exams and a feature that allows you to review and analyze your test results. You can explore in-depth the exam items, answers, and explanations, offering critical insight into your performance areas that need focus. This process is key to understanding the improvements you need and provides a clear direction for your next steps.

Proper utilization of your SAT scores and consequent score improvement strategies play a significant role in your academic journey. By understanding their importance, you can make the best use of your scores, boosting your chances of success in college applications and beyond.

How The A+ Program Helps Get Higher SAT Scores Can Help

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We understand that the path to scoring well on the new digital SAT is not just about mastering the content, but also about understanding the test’s structure and cultivating effective study habits. With that in mind, our learning programs are designed to holistically prepare students for the SAT and beyond, equipping them with valuable skills that extend well beyond test-day.

Tutoring and Mentorship Program

Our tutoring and mentorship program is a cornerstone of our approach. We offer personalized tutoring tailored to each student’s needs, ensuring they fully comprehend the material and can apply what they’ve learned during the test. We believe in the value of one-on-one attention in honing a student’s academic ability, and we ensure our mentors provide the necessary guidance to help students excel on the SAT.

Our tutors closely follow the College Board’s SAT Suite to ensure that the students’ preparation aligns with the test format. By integrating elements such as full-length SAT practice tests and the College Board’s ‘Bluebook’ app into our program, we ensure that students get familiar with the digital SAT format well before their test day.

An integral part of our tutoring program is the goal setting process. Each student is guided to set a viable goal score based on their target schools’ percentile scores. The individualized strategy is then planned to bridge the gap between a student’s current or baseline score and their goal score, ensuring systematic preparation.

Furthermore, through consistent mentoring, students not only develop valuable skills like time management, critical thinking, and problem-solving but also gain the confidence to handle the pressure that comes with standardized tests like SAT.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Few things illustrate the effectiveness of our programs better than the success stories and testimonials from students and parents who’ve reaped benefits from our guidance. Many of our students have seen significant improvements in their SAT scores, leading to acceptance in their chosen colleges and universities.

These stories serve as an inspiring reminder of what structured preparation can achieve, even when tackling a challenging exam like the SAT. By reading about the experiences of others, prospective students can get a better sense of what to expect from our program.

For instance, one student who was initially apprehensive about the transition from a paper-based test to a digital version benefited greatly from our adapted tutoring approach. By focusing on familiarity with the new digital SAT format, we were able to alleviate his worries and equip him with the skills and strategies to excel.

Remember, at A+ Program, we don’t just prepare students to pass tests. We guide them in developing lifelong skills and shaping them as well-rounded individuals capable of overcoming any academic challenge. Choose us as your partner in the journey towards personal growth and academic excellence.

The transition to the digital SAT presents new challenges and opportunities for students preparing for this crucial exam. By understanding the changes, developing efficient study habits and schedules, and leveraging digital resources, students can well-position their journey towards SAT success. Above all, they must not forget the importance of maintaining focus, handling exam pressure, and ultimately using their SAT scores to further their academic aspirations. The transition might seem daunting, but with the right guidance, persistence, and a positive mindset, every student is capable of excelling. 

At A+ Program, we are committed to being your steadfast partner in this journey, equipping students with the confidence and skills to navigate the new digital SAT and blossom into well-rounded individuals ready for future challenges. By choosing us, you are choosing a path towards personal growth and academic excellence.

Monica Depina and Erma Pinto (Parents of students from Middle ISEE class)
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive…
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive and experienced in teaching test prep. Our kids have made major improvements on their tests. The material learned in class is also helping our kids at school! All the staff members are friendly and really View Full →
Tancrede R
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years.…
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years. The reason they want to come back again and again is because the teachers here are very knowledgeable in their subject areas and also they know how to communicate with kids in a way so View Full →