Application Form, Program Schedules and Fees


  • Application Fee: $30 | Book fee: Fall: $100 | Spring: $100 | Full year: $160 (Discounted)
  • Complete the Application Form and email it to us. We will get in touch with you within one business day.

2023-2024 Schedule of Courses

Classes are held on Saturdays in two 16-week sessions during the school year.
Starting dates for each term
Fall Session (9/9/2023-1/20/2024) 1st Term 9/9-10/28
2nd Term 11/11-1/20
Spring Session (02/3/2024-05/25/2024) 1st Term 2/3-3/23
2nd Term 4/6-5/25
Class times
Morning Class 9:00am – 12:00pm
Afternoon Class 1:00PM – 4:00pm

65 Harrison Ave., FL 6. Boston, MA 02111
1106 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215


  • Complete the Application Form and email it to us ( We will get in touch with you shortly.
  • Application fee $30 for new students, and it will be waived when five students or more apply at once.
  • Book fee will be charged separately.

Summer Volunteer Opportunities

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We have two school locations in addition to online learning options, based on current course offerings:  


Commonwealth Avenue, Main Campus

1106 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215 


Downtown Boston, Chinatown

65 Harrison Ave, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

The tuition fees vary by class and schedule. Please contact us to confirm.

After assessment and placement, students work closely on their skills in Math and English. 



A+ English classes focus on active reading and writing skills. Active Reading is instrumental in helping students understand ALL TYPES of written work, from English novels to scientific articles. Active reading and writing challenges students to:

  • Critically engage with the texts they read.
  • Ask incisive questions to demonstrate comprehension.
  • Deeply probe the theme, tone and style of texts.
  • Effectively communicate their ideas in a clear and thoughtful way.
  • Compose and revise well-structured, organized and eloquent essays.


Our rigorous mathematics curriculum covers everything from basic skills to advanced mathematical concepts and how to apply them to the real world beyond the classroom, depending on each student’s abilities and area of focus. A+ Math emphasizes:

  • Advanced thinking by working with challenging course materials.
  • Mastering and solving complex word problems.
  • Practicing effective test-taking strategies for improved grades.
  • Reinforcing math skills through an assessment battery of homework, quizzes and a final exam.

Our Saturday Program runs from September to June. Our Summer Program runs from July and August. Most classes Level classes from Grade 1-8 are from 9:00am – 12:00pm and most specialized classes are from 1:00pm – 4:00pm (Saturdays) and 2:00pm – 5:00pm (Summers)

ASC A+ Program focuses its curriculum on the themes of the current school year and has developed its own English reading and writing curriculum for each grade level. Using consultants from both private and public education, the curriculum maximizes teaching efficiency to avoid learning redundancy. We are proud to see the results our program has provided to help our students establish a strong Academic foundation. 

Our core focus is improving and establishing strong study skills in a variety of subjects. Our students can apply the skills to perform at their academic level at their schools. We organized 4 sessions per school year by grade level:

  • English & Writing Grades 1-12
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Vocabulary Development
      • Writing (creative writing, personal narrative, informational essays, argumentative essays)
      • Presentation & Public Speaking (Speech & Debate)
  • Math Grades 1-12
      • Singapore Math
      • MA Curriculum Framework Math Subjects
      • Math Content for Intermediate & Advanced Students
  • Test Preparation
    • ISEE (Lower, Middle, Upper)
    • SSAT (Lower, Middle, Upper)
    • SAT (All Exam Components)

While the public schools emphasize learning, exercise, and review of math, Singapore Math methods emphasize in-depth exploration of mathematical principles that can be applied to all areas of their learning; including real-world applications. A complete description of our Singapore Math Curriculum Framework can be found here.

Singapore Math

Book and material fees vary by class and by session. Our instructors work diligently to select the best materials for your students, while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. Some textbooks may even be used for more than one session.

We have 6-15 students per class.

ASC teachers are all highly-qualified and highly-trained professionals who specialize in their respective fields. In addition to years of teaching experience and a variety of advanced degrees, many of them graduated from top schools around the nation, including Harvard University and Brown University. Some instructors are state-certified and many teach in public and private schools. We also employ instructors with backgrounds in special needs education as well as in English as a Second Language (ESL).

The ASC A+ curriculum is geared towards engaging students and encouraging rapid improvement. Our goal is to encourage students to develop a genuine interest in and a curiosity for each subject. Furthermore, as our facilitators work with a smaller group of students, they can pay attention to smaller details (errors and successes) that larger public school classes cannot take the time to discuss. In effect, students return to the regular classroom with added training, confidence, and strength in the related fields of academia.

Teachers use a variety of teaching methodologies to present our curriculum to a wide group of students. We designed specialized teaching methodologies through an educator with a PhD from Harvard University. Actively engaging with students and inviting them to participate in the class is very important to our teachers, as is challenging students to step out of their comfort zone for more advanced learning and thinking methods. Teachers create a classroom environment that incorporates all of those aspects and more!

By working with a smaller group of students, teachers can pay attention to smaller details (errors and successes) that larger public school classes cannot. In effect, students return to their regular classroom during the school year with added training, confidence, and strength in the related fields of academia. Teachers also communicate with our staff members regularly regarding student progress. If a student is excelling, the student will be given more advanced work and may be recommended to a higher level; if a student is struggling with the concepts, teachers will provide additional materials to students to reinforce concepts and work closely with them to ensure that the student is understanding the material.

Classes during the school year are divided by grade level but depending on the results of the placement test, the student may be placed in a class different from one’s actual/current grade level. It depends on the results of the placement test. We don’t limit young students who can excel to higher levels of learning.

Upon intake, students will take a placement test. Please call 617-730-3705 to schedule your placement test!

New students should take a placement test in order to determine their current abilities as well as their eligibility for more advanced classes. The results of these tests allow us to place new students in the class(es) that best address their academic needs.

This program aids as enrichment to the regular school experience. Our program also offers students who are advanced in their regular school experience extra challenges. Since our students are assessed prior to entering into each session, the program will challenge each student at their individual levels based on their assessment results. Skilled teachers also work closely with a smaller group of students to encourage individual student growth to grade level and beyond.

Teachers can help reinforce critical, key concepts in the fields of Math and English for the student requiring review. If you have concerns, please feel free to talk with program administrators. 

It generally takes about two hours to complete Math and English homework. For math class, we strictly use the homework portal that allows students to have access to doing practice problems for over thousands of math skills, as long as they are enrolled in a class. Students are generally assigned 4-5 different math skills based on the topic of the lesson, and 2-3 English skills on the homework portal in addition to reading and writing assignments. The Homework Portal automatically tracks each student’s homework hours and accuracy of the questions. 

80% or more of our ISEE students achieve the scores they need to enter top 10, 20 to 40 Private Schools. We also train students who need to be ready for Boston Exam schools.

Each year our students improve over 100-150 points from their diagnostic scores. Over 80% of our students get admitted into Private schools and prer to Boston Latin School upon completion of our ISEE training classes (Boston Exam Schools removed the ISEE for entry test in 2020 and replaced with NWEA MAP Adaptive Test). 

On average, our SAT students see score increases of 50-300 points between their diagnostic test and their final exam.

Students in our Summer English and Math Enrichment courses will be placed among other students who have just finished their same grade level. The summer curriculum will address the materials that will be learned in their September classes. For example, a student who has just finished 5th grade in June. They will be getting a head start on the upcoming academic year by learning 6th grade materials.

No! Our Summer Program offers academic enrichment courses, with optional full-day activities that are related to their in-class learning. We do not incorporate camp activities into our Summer Program. We are unable to make formal invoices or receipts that recognize our program as a “camp” for these reasons.

You will receive a notification via email from our staff and payment system confirming your tuition payment. 

Please call 617-730-3705 for our tax ID number or for a formal invoice.

Monica Depina and Erma Pinto (Parents of students from Middle ISEE class)
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive…
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive and experienced in teaching test prep. Our kids have made major improvements on their tests. The material learned in class is also helping our kids at school! All the staff members are friendly and really View Full →
Tancrede R
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years.…
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years. The reason they want to come back again and again is because the teachers here are very knowledgeable in their subject areas and also they know how to communicate with kids in a way so View Full →