Singapore Math Curriculum: Advanced Enrichment

The Only Enrichment Program to Use Singapore Math in Boston

Students in Singapore consistently rank at the top in international mathematics competitions, including a number one in mathematics on the Third International Mathematics and Science Study. Singapore Math was developed so that students in other countries could learn mathematics more effectively.

A+ Program is the only Boston-based enrichment program to incorporate the Singapore Math curriculum. Students in grades 2-4 learn foundational math skills, including number theory and problem-solving techniques. In grades 5 and 6, students are taught algebraic concepts and skills with emphasis on engaging word problems. Students in grades 7 and 8 focus on advanced algebra concepts by solving challenging problems and real-life applications of math.

Advantages of the Singapore Math Curriculum

  • Focus:
    Teachers and students will delve into math topics deeply, giving students in-depth knowledge of math concepts and applications. This preparation helps students to thoroughly learn topics, preparing them for standardized tests like the SAT.
  • Rigorous and Rich Math Problems:
    Many of the mathematics problems are solved using a combination of topics, which challenges students to integrate their knowledge of math topics to solve for the answer. These high expectations will help students to succeed in the A+ Program and in their school’s math classes.
  • Effective Modeling:
    The program uses clear models and pictoral representations to provide information about a math concept and helps students to solve math problems. After significant practice, students are empowered to create their own models to interpret and solve problems independently on homework, exams, and standardized tests.
  • Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum:
    Our integrative, innovative curriculum ensures that students learn fundamental mathematical skills. New topics are connected to previously taught concepts, which allow students to grasp difficult concepts more easily.
  • Advanced Note-taking Techniques are taught and reinforced at all levels, helping students remember and learn classroom material. Students can use these notes during other math courses and standardized test prep classes, as well as apply these techniques to taking notes in other classes and subjects.
  • Accelerated Learning:
    Advanced students will be able to test into a level higher than their grade level, so highly motivated students will be continually challenged to learn new mathematics topics and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent Teachers:
    Our teachers enjoy interacting with students and are enthusiastic about teaching Singapore Math. They uphold the highest standards of integrity, character, and compassion. ASC A+ teachers love teaching and helping students succeed academically!