Online ELA Diagnostic Tests

As parents, what we want most is that our children  have as many opportunities for success as possible. After disruptions in our children’s education over the past two years, studies have shown that the average student has lost one year of subject knowledge. It is essential that we give our students the help they need to recover. Their future successes depend on it!

Our ELA diagnostic tests are online and free! This assessment in elementary, middle school, or high school math and English can help determine your child’s current skill level in both subjects.

Many of our parents have come to us wondering if their students are at the appropriate grade level in their education. Through the diagnostic tests we have administered for elementary, middle school, and high school students, the answer is often no. Our school systems are under so much pressure from all the obstacles presented over the past two years and cannot help our students individually. That is why ASC is offering a free online English (ELA) and Math diagnostic test for your child so that we know their current level and areas of improvement. From there, we can offer academic support, including private tutoring services, to help your child catch up and excel outside of ASC.

Take a Free Online English (ELA) or Math Diagnostic Test Today

Getting the academic help your child needs is only a few minutes away. Fill out the form below to access the free ELA and math diagnostic exam for your child. You can also submit a 3-paragraph essay of no more than 500 words from your child, and we’ll give you a free consultation covering their writing skills. Now is the time to act to get your student back on track for academic excellence!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions about our ELA diagnostic tests for elementary, middle school, and high school students or inquire about our other offerings, such as the college counseling program.

Online Math Diagnostic Tests – Elementary, Middle School, & High School

Mathematics is already a challenging subject for students of all ages, and over the past few years, it has become even more of a frustration for young students and parents alike. Despite everyone’s best efforts, many elementary, middle school, and high school students fell behind in mastering basic arithmetic and more complex concepts such as geometry and calculus, as indicated by free diagnostic online math assessments. Unless these students gain a solid grasp on these subjects, they will continue to struggle to learn new concepts in later courses.

If your child is currently struggling with math, you can sign them up for a free online math diagnostic test to determine the level of help they need. This free math evaluation test will provide a detailed glimpse into your child’s prior knowledge and misconceptions of specific concepts. It can also highlight their strengths, so it’s not all about what a student must do to become more proficient in mathematics, effectively building up their confidence.

Once your child’s free math screening assessment results are in, you can sit down with one of our instructors to develop a plan that will bridge the gaps in your young learner’s understanding of math. No child should be left behind or forced to struggle from one problem to another. That’s why we offer an array of academic support services, including a summer enrichment program and private tutoring. Get the help your child needs today to ensure their success tomorrow.

Our free online math diagnostic test covers math for:

  • Grades 3-8
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Precalculus

Online English (ELA) Diagnostic Tests – Elementary, Middle School, & High School

A student’s knowledge and mastery of English and Language Arts significantly impact their success in all their classes. In fact, enhanced writing skills can boost a student’s communication abilities, which will take them well beyond school. Unfortunately, due to school absences and significant demands on teachers’ time, not every student is on the same level when it comes to their understanding of the English language. Elementary, middle school, and high school students can all benefit from taking a free online English (ELA) diagnostic test at least once throughout their educational career to determine the areas they need to improve.

If you’re worried your child’s grasp of English and Language Arts is not where it should be, you can register for a free diagnostic online English (ELA) test. The results can help you and your student understand which concepts they need extra guidance on. Taking the free ELA evaluation test and then reviewing the results can also allow your young student to gain an awareness of their English abilities, which will help them take ownership of their own educational journey.

Writing and reading comprehension skills are so important, which is why we want to empower you to get them the help they need. The best way to intervene early and ensure your young scholar receives the academic support they need is to take a free ELA screening assessment. After your child takes the free online English (ELA) diagnostic test, our writing experts will contact you to go over your student’s results to help you know their current level and how to improve their critical English skills. They may benefit from an enrichment program in the summer or after-school tutoring sessions.

Why Choose ASC A+ Program?

In the 29 years the ASC A+ Program has worked with school-aged children, there has never been a more critical time to give your children the academic support our Summer A+ Program provides. It has been proven that ensuring your child has an excellent education in STEM majors is the best way to prepare them for a fulfilling and well-paid career.

The ASC A+ Program has worked with thousands of students over three generations to help them excel in school by teaching the curricula they will see in the upcoming school year. Over the past two years, we have been helping students catch up and stay on course for academic excellence. During this time, our role in your child’s learning is as quintessential as ever.

Whether your child needs help in their Language Arts, mathematics, or science classes, we have a program to help them achieve academic success. To ensure they receive focused assistance, we offer all students a free online English (ELA) or math diagnostic test. Based on their results, we can formulate a plan that will meet your child’s specific needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our diagnostic assessments for elementary, middle school, and high school students, contact us today! We’ll explain the ELA diagnostic in detail.

Monica Depina and Erma Pinto (Parents of students from Middle ISEE class)
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive…
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive and experienced in teaching test prep. Our kids have made major improvements on their tests. The material learned in class is also helping our kids at school! All the staff members are friendly and really View Full →
Tancrede R
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years.…
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years. The reason they want to come back again and again is because the teachers here are very knowledgeable in their subject areas and also they know how to communicate with kids in a way so View Full →