About the ASC A+ Academic Enrichment Program

ASC is dedicated to every student’s success!

“We began ASC because we have a passion to see your children succeed academically and achieve their highest potential. Our belief in each student at ASC has spoken for itself as many of our former students have gone to achieve greater things. This is ASC’s mission and we have followed it for the past 23 years!”

Carl and Annie Nelson, Founders of ASC Boston

Founded in 1993 and driven by a passion for providing students with the skills and knowledge-base to thrive in every academic environment, ASC is not only a school but a valuable community resource.  Our A+ Program, which serves youth from all cultural, social, and educational backgrounds, has evolved over the last two decades into a premiere destination for educational enrichment and advancement in the Boston Area.  Thousands of students have come through our doors and emerged again as classroom leaders, high achievers, and ideal applicants to top private schools and colleges, after unlocking the A+ student inside.

What has always distinguished ASC’s A+ Program from other academic enrichment programs is the fostering of a tight-knit community of inspiring teachers, passionate administrators, committed parents, and curious students eager to learn.  Essential to this sense of community is open and frequent communication between the school, students, and parents.  We value constructive student and parent feedback and actively seek it out, implementing any suggestion that will continue to help students excel.

Our teachers ensure that every class is an interactive and positive learning environment.  Students work closely with peers and the teacher to develop critical thinking and study skills and master challenging scholastic content areas. Working together as a strong community of faculty, staff, students, and parents, the ASC A+ Program promises exceptional education on every level.

 The A+ Curriculum

Our curriculum, created by education experts from Ivy League and top-level institutions, such as Harvard, Duke, MIT, and UC Berkeley, focuses specifically on developing students’ critical thinking and study skills, mastering accelerated academic material, and boosting self-confidence both in the classroom and beyond.

Our primary mission is working within the foundational content areas of Math and English; we go above and beyond in providing exciting alternative programs in creative writing, leadership training, and public speaking.  Additionally, our comprehensive test prep curriculum carefully prepares students to succeed on the ISEE, SAT, and other important exams.  The breadth of our academic offerings is key to guaranteeing scholastic success.

Our Teachers

ASC teachers are skilled and talented professionals with the experience to help your child excel in school.  We recruit highly qualified certified teachers from both Public and Private schools, who are then trained to adopt our unique A+ Program teaching methods in their classrooms.  Many of our teachers hold graduate degrees from elite universities including, but not limited to, Boston College, Harvard, Boston University, and Brown.  Educators with both a passion for teaching and a strong dedication to their students’ success are the teachers we bring to the A+ team.

Our Results

We believe each student can excel in education.  It doesn’t matter where they start, or when they come to ASC.  They hone their academic skills and strengthen their intellectual abilities from the minute they set foot in the classroom.  We have helped thousands of students excel in school, from joining the honor roll to acing AP exams, and earn admittance into top private schools and universities.  Many of our students have achieved high scores on important standardized tests, such as the ISEE, SSAT and SAT.  Our ISEE students frequently rank in both the top 10 to top 100 of all students nationwide.

ASC is dedicated to every student’s success. Apply now to get your child one step ahead in school!