How Public Speaking for Kids Can Boost Academic Performance

By APlus on 6 March 20 Blog

public speaking for kids

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Some children are outgoing, while others are shy. But whether they are introverted or extroverted, public speaking can be nerve-wracking for many young students.

Can public speaking skills be learned? Definitely! With the right guidance, any young student can engage their audience, present ideas or arguments, and make the most out of visual presentations.

What’s more, as timid students transform into confident public speakers, you will also see many other benefits to both their self-confidence and academic performance. Keep reading to find out more!

Public Speaking Enhances Listening Skills

In order to be an effective public speaker, it’s important to be a good listener. Public speaking classes for kids give students the valuable experience of working specifically on their oral communication, which includes listening. They will learn to:

  • Listen to examples of others speaking in public
  • Engage with a variety of different ideas
  • Connect what they listen to with what they present

The ability to prepare an argument or create a presentation for public speech will increase their capacity to pay attention to details and promote listening with more depth. When they understand what goes into public speaking, they will have an ear for recognizing important points and information, which will be useful in every class.

Practicing Public Speaking Makes Children More Likely to Raise Their Hands in Class

Participating in a public speaking workshop with experienced teachers will naturally enhance a child’s confidence. When children try public speaking and have a positive experience, they will inherently be more prepared and eager to raise their hand in class to answer questions.

public speaking workshop

Public speaking confidence will increase a student’s participation in class

This kind of confidence will increase class participation overall, as they will be less likely to fear answering a question or going up to the whiteboard to complete a math problem in front of all their classmates. This will allow them to become more involved learners, which will strengthen their academic performance.

Public Speaking Workshops Improve Communication Skills

A well-delivered public speech or presentation starts with a well-written one. Students who learn public speaking techniques learn how to organize information and put together arguments in a coherent way. Essentially, they are gaining valuable rhetorical techniques that will translate to success in many academic subjects.

Whether they are putting together a science presentation or a book report, the skills they learn in shaping an oral presentation will help. Public speaking teaches students how to prioritize information, present evidence in support of arguments, and incorporate visual elements into their ideas.

public speaking classes for kids

Public speaking is all about effective communication

Increased communication skills also enhance the questions students ask. They will be able to identify the information they need for success in a subject, and they will have the confidence to ask for it.

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