Think Your Child is Too Young to Code? How Coding Bootcamp Can Help Shape Their Future

By APlus on 25 June 19 Blog

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With the huge demand for computer skills, learning how to code can set your child up for success in life. However, you may be wondering if your child is too young to code. After all, if you have little experience with coding, it may seem overly complex and too technical for a child to understand.

The truth is, young children are excellent learners when it comes to coding. Indeed, our own coding summer bootcamp is offered to children as young as those in grade 3.

Read on to learn why teaching children to code early is a great idea.

Project-Based Coding Helps Children See How Math Can Be Used in Fun Ways

Most people would agree that math is something that children should learn at a young age. However, children can sometimes find it difficult to understand why they need to learn math. You may have even heard your own child say they don’t want to do their math homework because it’s “boring.”

Fortunately, math doesn’t have to be boring, and that’s where coding classes come in. Coding requires your child to use math in order to build working code. In our classes, your child will learn how to create fun projects and 3D games using code. This project-based way of learning code helps your child stay motivated as they see for themselves how math can be applied in fun and interesting ways.

In our coding bootcamp, your child will learn coding in project-based courses

In our coding bootcamp, your child will learn coding in project-based courses

Children Can Use Their Natural Language Skills to Learn How to Code

Coding is, quite literally, a language. Just like any other language—whether English, Korean, or Mandarin—programming languages have their own vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. Additionally, programming languages like Java and Python—both of which your child will learn in our summer coding bootcamp—are used for communication. The only difference is that coding is for communicating with computers rather than with people.

As you probably know, children are excellent language learners and the earlier they start learning a language, the better. While research into when the best age is for learning a computer language is scarce, an MIT study did find that language-learners who wanted to attain a near-native-like understanding of a foreign language’s grammar should start before the age of 18 and ideally before age 10. To make the most of your child’s natural learning abilities, you may want to enroll them in coding classes sooner rather than later.

Computer Coding Classes Can Open Up Amazing Opportunities for Your Child

The demand for computer skills is massive. The U.S. Department of Labor, for example, estimates there will be over 1.4 million computing-related job openings by 2020, but there will only be enough computer science graduates to fill 30 percent of them. With statistics like that, it’s no surprise that computing jobs are among the highest-paying and fastest-growing in the U.S.

The reason coding isn’t taught in many public schools is not because educators think that children are too young to code. It’s because few K-12 teachers have the skills necessary to teach coding. As a parent, that means if you want to give your child the opportunity to learn a skill that can set them up for success later in life, you’ll need to seek out programs which are taught by highly-trained teachers, such as our coding classes in Boston.

Learning how to code can give your child a head start in an increasingly tech-focused economy

Learning how to code can give your child a head start in an increasingly tech-focused economy

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