Resources For Students Improving Public Speaking Skills

By Scott Fish on 25 August 23 Blog

Public speaking is a skill often viewed as elusive by many, but with the right resources and consistent practice, it has the potential to be honed, even transformed from a source of anxiety to an asset. Let’s delve deeper and explore various resources designed to enhance public speaking skills.

Books on Public Speaking

For some, the timeless medium of books might be the ideal way to understand the nuances of public speaking. The market is filled with books that provide comprehensive insights, tips, and techniques to enhance your public speaking skills.

Books not only provide the opportunity to learn at your own pace but also allow for deep dives into the subject, explaining the psychology behind anxiety, methods to handle it, the art of persuasion, body language, voice modulation, and much more. Books such as ‘Words That Change Minds,’ which is grounded in neuroscience and psychology, provide great insights.

Public Speaking Webinars

Webinars are another practical and interactive method of learning. They often host industry experts, provide real-time Q&A sessions, and are usually aimed at addressing specific aspects of public speaking. With webinars, you’re not just a passive audience. They allow for active learning, where you’ll get opportunities to engage with ideas, contribute to discussions, and even present your speeches to gain live and constructive feedback.

Organizations such as the Harvard Division of Continuing Education frequently host webinars offering tips for improving public speaking skills. It’s worth keeping an eye on their schedule for such opportunities.

Role Models in Public Speaking

Human beings learn a lot through observation. Great public speakers can therefore serve as excellent role models for those looking to enhance their public speaking abilities. TED talks, for instance, are a treasure trove of excellent speakers. Observing their techniques – examining their pacing, how they form a connection with the audience, use humour, and make use of anecdotes – can provide valuable insights.

Strive to learn from the best – icons like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs were known for their exceptional public speaking skills. Their speeches, delivered with passion, clarity, and purpose, remain a gold standard for effective public speaking.

Remember, the key is not to mimic, but to learn, pick elements that resonate with you the most, and integrate them with your unique style.

By leveraging such tools and resources, high school students can drastically enhance their public speaking abilities, preparing them not only for academia but for various aspects of their professional life.

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