How AP Physics Could Increase Performance in Other Subjects

By APlus on 29 October 19 Blog

AP Physics

Every parent wants their child to reach for the stars and accomplish the things they set their mind to. For many teens, higher education at an Ivy League school is an exciting dream. In our program, Ivy League coaches train students in STEM subjects such as AP Physics, providing them with the skills and know-how to excel in their studies and get closer to realizing their dreams as achievable goals.

Read on for ways that studying Physics in our Ivy League STEM program can impact your child’s performance in other subjects, preparing them for a lifetime of achievement.

Individual Attention in STEM Training Makes Better Students

The classes in our Ivy League Accelerator Program are small, with an emphasis on individual attention for each student. This builds learning skills that are appropriate for your child’s specific strengths, needs, and areas which might need improvement.

With individual attention, students also have the opportunity to ask more questions and discuss their personal concerns with material, with a focus on their own thought process. This helps your child develop critical thinking through a lens that makes sense to them, which is a skill that can carry over into their other subjects. The better they know their own learning style, the more successful your child can be in all classes.

A one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and coaching isn’t effective when working with a group of diverse, intelligent minds. With STEM prep for Ivy League, classes are full of students who shine brightly and have dynamic and interesting ways of thinking. Your child’s strengths and potential are unique and distinct. When this is acknowledged, they are able to excel.

When your child knows their strengths and learning style, their progress will often increase

When your child knows their strengths and learning style, their progress will often increase

AP Physics Can Cause Brain Activity that Benefits other Subjects

Thinking about physics has been shown to stimulate a part of the brain related to mental simulations and imagination. In addition, it was shown to stimulate areas related to episodic memory and self-referential thinking. These findings could mean that students who study physics are able to further develop their creative, imaginative, and problem-solving abilities.

These skills could benefit other STEM subjects like biology, math, and chemistry where reasoning is involved. They could also transfer over into a child’s communication and creative skills, benefiting their performance with writing assignments, oral presentations, and the arts. Similarly, broadening their ability to think in different ways makes your child better at seeing different points of view and could enhance their curiosity. These advantages can make them better analytical thinkers, in physics as well as other subjects.

A Controlled Environment Helps Students Develop Top-notch Skills for School

Discipline is a part of academic success. Being able to focus and commit to studies can bring exciting results to students who are getting ready to apply to higher education. For high school students, a controlled environment leads to focused study, committed attitudes, and a serious approach towards their personal educational goals. When students are given the appropriate space to succeed, they often rise to the occasion.

The study habits formed in AP Physics can prepare students for the challenges of university

The study habits formed in AP Physics can prepare students for the challenges of university

AP Physics is taught in a setting where students can dedicate their focus to the course, giving it the energy required to grasp high-level concepts. In doing this, they gain practice with how to approach their studies in the future. After moving on to college, students may find that when choosing techniques to tackle assignments, tests, and exam prep, they think back to their days in STEM courses preparing for university.

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