Tips for ISEE Math Preparation

By A+ Staff on 15 September 16 Blog
isee math preparation

If your student is on an academic track for success, few milestones are more important – or more stressful – than their ISEE exam. The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is the standard used by private academies, such as Boston Latin, to determine who they accept as students.

For many students, mathematics is the sticking point. Of the five sections of the ISEE, math is usually the one which brings about the most worry in students – which is why preparing for the ISEE math test ahead of time is so vital.

If your student is worried about their ISEE math preparation, here are a few tips…

Four Ways to Boost Your Student’s ISEE Mathematics Score

  1. Practice Early, Practice Often

There’s simply no better way to prepare for the ISEE than to take plenty of practice tests. Many parents have their students take practice tests every week or two for several months leading up to the real test. This achieves two goals:

  • It gets the student accustomed to the test format and, especially, working under a time limit without getting stressed, and 
  • It demonstrates concretely where they’re proficient, and where they need help, directing future study.
  1. Focus On Algebra

The algebraic portions of ISEE are especially problematic for younger students taking the test, as they may not have had much algebra in school yet. This may require some intensive outside study or private tutoring. In particular, focus on helping the student learn how to translate the word problems into algebraic expressions. In our experience, this is one of the biggest sticking points.

  1. Consult with Your Child’s Mathematics Teacher

Don’t be shy about seeking outside help! Your student’s regular math teacher will be in an excellent position to tell you about their overall achievement level, and will likely be able to suggest specific areas to focus on as well. They may even be able to provide you with extra practice materials, as most math teaching packages include far more worksheets than are ever covered in class.

  1. Fend Off Discouragement

The ISEE is hard. It’s challenging even for the absolute peak of top achievers. This means that it’s easy for a student who is accustomed to acing their regular schoolwork to become discouraged when presented with a test they’re virtually guaranteed to have trouble with. Understand this, explain it to your student, and emphasize their successes rather than their failures. 

  1. Seek Help When You Need It

The A Plus Program is designed to help students of all ability levels improve their performance on the ISEE math test, along with its other sections. Contact us today to learn how our ISEE prep courses and tutoring sessions can help your child succeed!