Avoid The “Summer Slide” With A+ Program Online Session 2

By ASC A+ Program on 15 July 20 Blog

Every year educators worry about the “Summer Slide.”  The summer slide is a recognized phenomenon where students lose up to a month of what they learned in their previous year of school because they are out of classes for 2.5 months over the summer. 

A+ has always been there for its community to help students avoid this slump and in fact be far better prepared than their classmates for the next of school.  Our students do not need the few weeks of reviewing last year’s materials that most students need. 

The Summer A+ Program is even more important than it ever has been this summer as we are now dealing with the COVID-19 Slide.  NWEA – the company that will offer the new Boston Latin School Exam – has released a study where their research shows most students will lose nearly a half year of education because schools closed in March.  Online classes were not effective, and our children are paying the price.  As parents, we cannot let our children’s education suffer. 

In our classes, we have seen the effect of the COVID-19 slide.  Our teachers have reported students are more than a month behind what we would normally be teaching to our students in July.  The children simply haven’t learned what they were supposed to have learned in school last year. 

As parents, you need to do everything you can to help your child succeed in school.  With school in the fall looking like it will continue to be disrupted, you need to keep your child in the Summer A+ Program to ensure their academic success.  What else is more important to you than this for your child?

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