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By APlus on 1 September 17 Blog

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College application season is now in full swing! From September until February, universities across the country will be reviewing thousands of hopeful applicants for the next academic year. For ambitious young people who have always dreamed of attending an Ivy League school or one of America’s other top colleges, this period can be both exciting and stressful. There are essays to write, application forms to complete, and other important work that needs to be done before applying. Combine that with the need to keep up a high grade point average, and it is understandable why some students can feel a bit overwhelmed.

One great way to make this time easier is to enroll your child in the special A+ College Consultation Program. We offer both an 8-week short-term College Application and Essay Writing Program for Grade 12 scholars in September and October, and a year-round Comprehensive College Consultation Program which is open to scholar from grades 9 to 12.

By signing up, scholars can enjoy valuable assistance that can get them through the college applications process with little stress, and the benefit of experienced professionals ensuring their applications are the best they can possibly be.

Here’s a look at a couple of important advantages this program can offer.

Your Scholar Can Get Valuable Help Writing Great Personal Documents

Many college applications want students to include a personal statement and resume with their application. These are meant to highlight the applicant’s reasons for applying to the school, as well as special qualifications they have that make them a great fit for a given program. Examples can include relevant non-academic activities a student has done, a description of a long-term educational and career plan, or other experience and information that might catch the eye of an admissions officer.

For students with many successes both inside and outside of the classroom, these documents can be tricky things to get right. There is often so much that could be talked about – clubs, volunteer work, awards, etc. – that it can be difficult to know what exactly should be included, and on which document they should be placed.

One of the great benefits your child can enjoy by enrolling in the college admissions assistance program at A+ is assistance crafting effective personal documents. Exercises and instruction, both one on one and in groups, is offered to help students make effective use of their own voice to make great resumes and statements that capture just why they’re perfect for admission. These can make a big difference in finding the right way to highlight the amazing talent and experience your child has to offer, and is a great way to cut down on stress and uncertainty during application season.

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Assistance with writing personal documents is a big advantage of college admissions assistance

Our College Application Coaches Can Help With Applications to Top Colleges

Where applying to many different colleges used to require a colossal amount of work, today’s students have a bit of an easier time. This is because more than 700 colleges in America can be applied to through The Common Application, which offers a single portal through which to send applications to many different schools.

There is still, however, a great deal of information that needs to be sorted through and entered for The Common Application, including things like transcripts of high school grades, test scores, or lists of extracurricular activities at school. Additionally, there is often additional information requested by specific institutions, which The Common Application will alert applicants to.

For something with stakes as high as a college application, your child will likely find it useful to have expert guidance to help them through the process of collecting, presenting, and sending all the information required by their college applications. Our college application coaches have the experience necessary to help your child get everything they need in order, and craft a Common Application that meets the demands of all the top schools they dream of attending. Better still, they can help your child create a targeted list of colleges to apply to, with emphasis on important qualities like academic offerings, class sizes, student life, and other important factors.

With so many schools to choose from and apply to, a little extra help with preparation can be a great way to reduce stress, and make the college application process easier for both you and your child.

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Make finding and applying to great schools a stress-free experience with A+!

Is your child preparing to enter the world of college education?

Give them a great start with college admissions assistance through the ASC A+ program!