A Plus Program’s College Admissions Consultant Offers These Tips to Picking Your Perfect College

By A+ Staff on 9 January 17 Blog

collegeChoosing the right college to go to after high school is a big deal, one that needs to be thoroughly considered. There are a lot of aspects of college life that can play a large role in your overall experience and education. Finding the right college for your needs may feel overwhelming. A Plus Program specializes in developing first-rate admission packages, and can help you achieve your dream of attending Harvard, MIT, and other top universities.

The following tips from A Plus Program’s college admissions consultant can help the whole process go smoothly.

Picking a Major, or Not

One of the first things high schoolers need to consider is what they want to do when they finish school. Do they have a career in mind, or just a general idea? While locking in a major is not necessary at this stage, it is important to have an idea of what you are looking for, as many schools have specialized programs or are well-known for certain majors.

Make a College Criteria List

Before you begin making a list of potential colleges you should sit down and figure out what you want out of your college experience, not just the degree you will leave with. When considering colleges, you can compare them to your list of requirements to better narrow down your options. This list may include:

  • Types of degrees or programs offered
  • Location of the college
  • The size of the school and student body
  • Campus resources, such as labs and libraries
  • Religious affiliation or lack thereof
  • Public or private
  • Cost and fees
  • Available financial assistance
  • Accreditation
  • Social and campus life
  • Housing options

Expanding Your Research

Once you have a good idea of the type of experience you want to get out of college, you can narrow your list accordingly. From there, conduct deeper research into the schools remaining on your potential list. Information is available online, through your high school guidance counselor, or through a qualified college admissions consultant such as those at A Plus Program in Boston.

The next step is to visit the campuses. This is an important step that is often skipped, but can influence your ultimate choice because you can get a real feel for the school and student life.

Apply to Multiple Schools

Even if you have had your dream college picked out since grade school, it’s important to your overall success to apply to multiple colleges that fit into your requirements. Doing so will increase your chances of being accepted and allow you to compare offers and make a choice you are happy with.

To learn more about finding the right college or to request information regarding Boston area’s A Plus Program’s college consultation program, please contact the college admissions consultant at A Plus Program today.