A Look at Elective Workshops Available to Scholars in Our Academic Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 21 July 17 Blog

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After completing their morning classes, scholars in the ASC A+ full-day summer program can enjoy one of two options for afternoon programming.

The first option, available to middle and high school students, involves spending the afternoon taking intensive classes in subjects like Writing and Public Speaking. These are great skill-training opportunities that can help scholars develop a number of important academic abilities.

The second option, available to students in grades 1 to 8, involves taking part in three fun workshops and activities each afternoon. These generally last about 50 minutes each. Scholars who choose this option get to take part in a wide variety of activities during their time in the A+ summer program, with different workshops scheduled each day. Over the course of a session, they can do workshops for writing and vocabulary, public speaking and debate, science, arts & crafts, storytelling, test preparation, and more. Some afternoons will also give them time to unwind by playing games, watching movies, and going on fun field trips.

Not only are our workshops great opportunities for children to let loose and get creative, they also help to reinforce concepts and skills being explored in their morning class work!

Care to learn a bit more about the workshops we offer? Read on to learn more about some of the types of workshop activities your scholar can enjoy by signing up for our enrichment programs.

Creative Writing Workshops Are Fun Reinforcement for English Enrichment Class

Writing poems and stories can be a great way for young scholars to express ideas and practice using their imaginations. This can also be a fun way for them to use grammar and vocabulary, helping them to develop useful writing skills. For instance, they can practice organizing their writing so that it flows logically in the context of a story.

Both as a means to self-expression and as a tool for building on important skills learned in their English Enrichment class, the A+ program’s afternoon workshops for creative writing can offer a great deal of value to your child. Look forward to reading some great stories and seeing great progress in your scholar’s writing abilities after your child completes these workshops!

English enrichment class

The A+ creative writing workshops are fun reinforcement for English class work

Animation and Arts & Crafts Are Great Creative Outlets That Children Can Enjoy

Arts classes are great for helping children develop in important non-academic areas. Creating art is good for improving motor skills, for example, and for developing one’s visual-spatial reasoning. However, several pieces of research show that arts classes can also have academic benefits. In fact, students who take arts classes have been shown to enjoy better results in many academic subjects, including languages, math, and sciences. The arts can encourage young scholars to attend classes and continue to higher levels of education—and of course, the arts can also be a lot of fun!

The A+ program offers Animation and Arts & Crafts workshops, so your child can enjoy the many benefits of arts training as a part of enrolling. These workshops complement the English and Math Enrichment programs we offer, and are a great creative outlet for the budding artists in the class.

math enrichment programs

Our workshops are great outlets for creativity and exploration!

Public Speaking Workshops Are Great for Teaching Confidence & Leadership

A good oral communicator can delight and captive their audience—and enjoy many other benefits, too! In the ASC A+ program, our public speaking workshops offer young scholars a chance to hone their ability and get on the right path to becoming this type of capable speaker.

Through giving presentations and debating ideas in this workshop, your child can learn how to express themselves clearly in a number of important contexts. This can help them gain the confidence they need to express themselves inside the classroom and out, which can lead to many important benefits. It could help them make new friends and take on leadership roles, for instance. It’s a skill-set that can be valuable throughout your child’s academic career and beyond.

The workshops and classes at ASC A+ help students learn while having fun.

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