The Unique Benefits of Public Speaking for Kids

By APlus on 9 June 17 Blog

public speaking for kids

On any educational path and career path a person can follow, being able to express oneself clearly and persuasively is a great asset. It allows for a person to share ideas, to build relationships, to appear calm and confident, and much more.

To be a proficient public speaker, in other words, is to have many useful tools that can promote success, making it a great idea for you to enroll your child in public speaking classes. Here is a closer look at a few benefits your child can enjoy by enrolling in training for public speaking.

Lessons in Public Speaking for Kids Can Help Scholars Become Confident

More than 25% of Americans are afraid of public speaking—this is more than there are afraid of needles, ghosts, and many kinds of crime. Many other people, though not outright afraid, find public speaking uncomfortable, and might be nervous when speaking to a large group. However, public speaking is often something that is necessary. Oral presentations, speaking at conferences, and other types of events involving public speaking, are essential parts of life for many scholars and professionals.

A great benefit of the A+ public speaking classes for kids is that these classes can help young scholars overcome any fear or nervousness they have with public speaking, transforming them into confident orators. Practice and instruction for using research, creating effective arguments, and active listening to interact with an audience, can help your scholar learn to interact with others in a way that is productive and interesting to listen to. Better still, the cooperative environment and encouraging atmosphere within our class ensure that learning public speaking is fun, and not something to stress about. Overall, taking the classes will be a great way for your scholar to grow in confidence and become a great speaker.

presentation skills course

The supportive environment in the A+ public speaking classes make learning fun, and stress-free

Being a Proficient Public Speaker Can Help With College Applications

In addition to searching for academic excellence, college admissions representatives for competitive schools often look for “well-roundedness” in the applications they review. A well-rounded individual is someone who demonstrates interests and successes outside of their regular school work, including extracurricular learning, sports, volunteering, or other independent pursuits.

Taking the A+ public speaking and presentation skills course is a great example of an interesting and useful pursuit that demonstrates well-roundedness. It shows that your child can take on new and potentially uncomfortable challenges, and also allows them to develop a host of transferrable skills they might not otherwise have been exposed to. By the time they complete their training, they will be able to boast knowledge of the use of rhetorical devices to create arguments, skills in quick, critical thinking, and an ability to analyze media. These are all valuable skills that demonstrate the kind of broad, useful ability that admissions representatives view as indicators of valuable, well-rounded scholars.

Public Speaking Classes for Kids Teach Skills for Leadership

Great speakers have a way of gathering admiration and support. It’s no coincidence that many of the most memorable political and business leaders of the past—such as the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Britain’s WWII Prime Minister Winston Churchill, for example—are known to this day for their memorable speeches and presentations. However, it’s important to note that these famous leaders were not naturally great speakers or presenters. Rather, these were abilities they acquired through training and study.

The A+ public speaking classes help your child develop the type of powerful, confident speech so common to leaders of all kinds, and allow them to take a commanding role in the classroom and beyond. They will be able to speak with passion and conviction about ideas they care about, master nonverbal communication of eye contact and poise, and explore other skills and concepts relating to speech and leadership. For a child with big dreams and determination, acquiring these skills can be very rewarding.

public speaking classes for kids

Mastering a range of verbal and nonverbal communication skills can help students grow as leaders

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