Back-to-School Preparedness: Top Benefits of Summer Enrichment Programs

By 1seo on 11 March 22 Blog
children learning in a classroom at A+ program

Summertime is an excellent opportunity for students looking to get a head start on the grade ahead. Designed by accredited education professionals, our summer enrichment program covers a wide range of subject material for grades 1-12, exceeding state standards and ultimately better positioning students for a successful future.

Here, we’ll go over the top benefits of summer enrichment programs:

Close-Knit Academic Support

Our program offers structured support with homework, something many children could benefit from. While homework is often a source of frustration for many — especially when they complete it at home with their parents — doing it during their program guarantees a favorable experience due to the experienced educators present to help them navigate their way of thinking.

Multiple Sessions Over the Summer

We understand that summer is a time of family vacations, community sports leagues, and of course, having fun! Fortunately, when students attend our summer enrichment program, they have the availability to choose classes during a month (July and August) that works best for them. Our full-day benefit ensures parents don’t have to pick up their kids in the middle of the day. What’s more is that our summer enrichment program is cheaper than daycare!

Wide Variety of Subjects and Preparation Courses

From Middle School Public Speaking and Presentation to College Boot Camp and beyond, our curriculum of online and in-person classes lets students dial into a subject that interests them, or they wish to excel at for the upcoming school year. By the same token, it presents students the opportunity to hone skills from different kinds of classes. This is instrumental for students transitioning into advanced placement courses and preparing for standardized tests.

Post-COVID-19 Sociability

The pandemic has undoubtedly shaken up students’ academic environment over the past few years. Remote learning had stripped away not only in-person learning but the social aspect of being among like-minded peers. While our summer enrichment program offers online courses in addition to our in-person ones, we understand the value of giving a student body the resources to communicate effectively and develop leadership skills that will benefit them in the fall. Students are behind, and the past two years have childrens’ education — it’s time to catch up!

Preparation for College and Career for High School Students

These days, college admissions — not to mention the jobs available after graduation — are incredibly competitive. By attending an academic enrichment program, students can gain skills and experience that college admissions and employers look for in applicants, including everything from critical thinking ability, dedication to specific subjects, communication skills, and beyond. These lessons learned at our summer enrichment program don’t dissolve after the curriculum is over — they endure for life!

Are you ready to set your child up for success this summer? Reach out to A+ Program for more information about our summer enrichment program today!