Effective Homework Strategies to Use in English & Math Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 6 October 17 Blog

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For their ability to help students improve their grades and grow in confidence, enrichment programs for English and math are a great investment in your child’s future. While they do involve adding extra exercises and homework onto an existing workload at school, good homework strategies can make this easy to handle.

Curious about what kinds of homework strategies can be useful to students enrolled in weekend English & math programs? Here are a few of the top strategies your child might want to use.

Turn Study into a Regular Habit While in Math & English Enrichment Classes

When a person is in the habit of doing something, they are likely to keep doing that thing regularly, almost like it is a reflex. This makes building a habit of studying and doing homework a great strategy for success at school and in enrichment programs. It promotes the kind of regular, ongoing practice and learning that is necessary for mastering the concepts in a class, allowing for faster progression and deeper understanding of material.

Attending scheduled English and Math Enrichment Programs are a great help in quickly getting your child into the habit of doing extra study and homework outside of their regular school hours. Combine these sessions with a set schedule of at-home homework times – held at the same hours of the same days of each week – and your child will soon fall into a habit that can benefit them throughout their entire education.

English enrichment class

Scheduled enrichment classes can help promote regular study habits

When Possible, Have a Little Extra Guidance Available if Needed

Almost every young scholar has one subject or module that they need to work a bit harder at to find success. Having the occasional help of an adult to keep them on the right track while studying or doing homework can be a great way to ensure that tricky material doesn’t get too frustrating or discouraging, and that they don’t need to spend more time than necessary on homework.

For adults who have been out of school for a long time, though, it might be tough to remember all the exact steps required to solve a math equation, or the best ways to structure an essay. This is where being enrolled in a math and English enrichment class can be a huge advantage. In the A+ program, all of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced, and dedicated to giving your child the personal attention they need to learn the material. Whenever they need a little extra assistance with their studies, they can count on useful help to be available.

math enrichment programs

Instructors at A+ can help ensure your child gets extra assistance with tricky concepts

Encourage Your Kids to Develop Additional Academic Skills Through Math & English Enrichment Classes

With a steady stream of new concepts coming your child’s way throughout a school year, it can be easy to forget that the material on their courses is not the only content that it is important for them to learn and understand. Knowing how to take a test is an important part of academic success too, as are skills in critical thinking, and so it is very beneficial for homework to address these areas in some way.

At home, doing practice tests is one great way to help train these kinds of skills, as is encouraging your child to go a step beyond what is asked of them in homework assignments. Ask them what underlying meaning they found in a text they read for school or fun, or to describe to you their feelings about the tone. Little measures like this can encourage deeper thinking and greater development of useful skills necessary for success in exams and essays at school.

Enrichment classes like the ones in our A+ program can take this concept even further, with activities and studies deliberately structured around teaching these and other useful skills alongside the specific math and English concepts they learn in classes. To give your child the best odds of succeeding throughout their academic career, enrolling in this kind of program is an excellent decision.

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