A Real Story from A Harvard Junior

By ASC A+ Program on 2 October 20 Blog,Student Profile

Will Wang, Junior at Harvard University. Computer Science.

I was on a phone interview with the Founder Annie Wu on Saturday 2/23.She expressed to me that she wanted me to talk with her what is like being a student’s shoes (the point of view of a student)

I spent half hour speaking with her because I was unable to make it to the open house to share my thoughts.

I was in the A+ Program for 3 three years as my mom sent me over for academic training when I was in the fourth grade. I learned from very young age that at ASC I needed to get used to learning at a more advance level of Math and English Writing in the A+ Program. When I was in 5th grade, I was in the ISEE Test prep Program for more intensive test taking training. Everyone wanted to go to Boston Latin at the time I was there in the Program. I took the test on November 3rd and I remember I was ready to take the exam at ISEE testing center. When I received the acceptance letter from Boston Latin, I was in the top 10 of students enrolled out of 500 students.

I entered a very busy and competitive environment when as I began 7th Grade at Boston Latin. I am used to being in a completive environment throughout my high school years. I was marinated in a highly motivated group of students and I have associated with students who have extreme discipline in their learning. When I look back my Journey in the High school, I think about what advise I would pass down to these High school students.

Here is what I would say to new freshman:

Freshman year:

As you begin your high school years, try to walk out of your comfort zone. Try to take different classes to find out what might interest you. You can also explore different clubs or try out non-academic related activities. Try to find what you like and who you are as a person. Try out for different activities and discover new opportunities.

Sophomore year:

Developed which direction you want to move toward in terms of the subjects you are most interested in because it will greatly affect the classes you choose to take the rest of your high school years. Those classes will be important for your College application. Be sure to get good grades in any of the classes you take and get yourself on the Honor roll. If you do, will have the opportunity to take AP classes in your Junior year.

This year sets up your vision and direction for what your education experiences will be the rest of the time you are in school and university. It is time to figure out where you want to go in your education and career. These are important decisions. It is time to set up a longer-term vision for yourself – even though that will probably change many times in the next few years. Having a direction is important.

I would encourage kids to get involved with the area you are interested in. You can do volunteer work, take an opportunity with leadership role to practice your leadership skills. There are so many opportunities and you can choose something for which you have a passion.

During the summer, take classes in programs for high school students at college. Keep trying out different experiences.

Junior year:

Keep your GPA high. This is the very important. Take more advanced and challenge classes to prove you can do it. You need to push yourself with your ability to learn. It is very important to focus on what your interests are and taking the AP classes in the subjects for which you have a passion. You will feel a great deal of pressure in this year. Be organized or you could feel lost.

You will have to prepare to take the PSAT and SAT.

This year you also need to start refining what type of major you think you will like when you choose your colleges. This is time to visit colleges campuses and volunteer in the community where you like to get involved.

Senior year:

Again, keep your grades excellent grade for the first two quarters.

You are now ready to apply to colleges. Review your own package and make a list of which college and what major attracts you the most. What is most important this year is to prepare your college package to present who you are to the colleges and universities you want to attend.

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