Why Your SAT Test Date Matters and How SAT Courses Can Help You Prepare

By APlus on 23 August 19 Blog

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Your child’s SAT test date is an important day for your family. While there’s no one-size-fits-all right choice, there are a few things you can take into consideration that will help steer you towards the right date. This depends on your child’s current study regimen, whether they would like to take the test twice, upcoming application deadlines they want to meet, and their school schedule.

Carefully considering the best date for their test will help to optimize their focus and chance of success, as well as help to lower their stress levels. When students can approach the SAT with ease and comfort, they are in the best position to do well and show the best version of themselves. Read on to find out why your child’s test date matters, and how you can use SAT courses to help them prepare!

Keep an Eye on Application Deadlines

Depending when applications are due for your target schools, you may want to schedule SAT dates well ahead of those deadlines. Doing so eases stress in case there are any bumps in the road. Planning well ahead of time can also give your child the ability to write the test as soon as possible after their SAT preparation courses, while everything is still fresh.

January 1st is the application deadline for many Ivy League schools. That makes the October and November test dates a last chance to take the SAT in time to apply. In addition, if your child would like to take the SAT twice, it’s worth planning for adequate time ahead of application deadlines.

Consider Other Important Events when Choosing Your Date

Your child may have other assignments, tests, or projects due for school around some of the SAT dates. As a result, it can be a good idea to select a test date around those deadlines so that they don’t feel overwhelmed. With their attention divided between tasks, they may become less focused on writing the SAT, or not have the time to devote their full attention to the test. Their grades will benefit across the board if they’re able to devote time and energy to each task and assignment they have.

Consult your calendar for other important events that could affect your child’s SAT score

Consult your calendar for other important events that could affect your child’s SAT score

As a parent, your schedule is something to consider as well—if there is an important event for you or your family coming up, you may want to choose an SAT date that works around it. That way, you’ll be able to be there and support your child leading up to and on the day of their test.

Give Your Child Time to Prepare with SAT Courses

SAT prep programs are offered with various schedules, including intensive options that lead up to SAT test dates. Making sure that there is adequate time to take a course gives your child expert support and help strategizing for their test. Similarly, it’s important to not lose momentum with their study regimen. If they’ve been actively reviewing for a long time, scheduling their SAT sooner rather than later can help them keep up their routine and energy.

If you or your child feels it would be helpful to choose two SAT dates, this approach can help to ease pressure and nerves. It takes the “one shot only” feeling away from writing the test the first time, while allowing for review in between if your child found the experience challenging. Many students appreciate the opportunity to count an unsatisfactory score on their first SAT as simply a part of their study process, from which they can learn and grow. If a student performs as well as they’d like on the first test, they can simply remove the retake from their schedule.

Many students find the first test less stressful when they know they have a retake scheduled

Many students find the first test less stressful when they know they have a retake scheduled

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