Why Essay Writing is so Crucial in an English Enrichment Course

By APlus on 28 August 18 Blog,News
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Parents and students alike can recognize the importance of exceptional English skills and the role they play in future success. Beginning at an early grade, English has solidified itself as one of the most prominent subjects that can be applied outside of education.  It is also one of the main subject areas tested in high school and university entrance exams such as the SSAT, ISEE, SAT and ACT. It is through the practice of essay writing that students begin to reinforce their sense of the English language by transmitting their thoughts in written form. Essays are meant to transport the student from their current intellectual position to an advanced level that will enable them to succeed in school, through to university and in their future careers. Interested in learning more about why essay writing is such a valuable skill to master? Read on to find out.

Essay Writing Helps Students Develop a Variety of Skills

When they are young, children often restrict themselves to repetitive vocabulary and are unable to express themselves clearly in both a written and spoken manner. As students practice essay writing, their ability to articulate and express their thoughts on paper begins to develop in both the short and long term; enabling them to adhere to proper syntax and grammar rules. They begin to improve their word choice, thought process, and their creativity, as well as their knowledge on numerous topics. Essays typically consist of three components: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The purpose of this rubric is to introduce and teach students how to produce a fluent flow of thoughts from start to finish. In addition, essay writing helps students learn how to connect each section in order to transition from one idea to another in a cohesive and cogent manner.
Essay writing help students form consistent arguments
Essay writing help students form consistent arguments
In turn, essay writing links numerous concepts that are required in order to build both vocabulary and communication skills. Through English reading comprehension, students narrow their focus on understanding literary works, making notes accordingly, and communicating effectively with other readers. They also develop a better intuition of how to understand other writing styles and tones that differ from their own.

Benefits of Practicing Essay Writing

The advantages of developing essay writing skills can be felt throughout a number of academic areas. Through middle school and high school, essay writing is crucial to a variety of different subjects, such as English, history, and other social sciences. On a broader level, the reading and comprehension abilities required to write well about a range of topics will also aid students’ ability to understand course material in other areas. The capabilities students master in school will also become essential at university level, helping them better formulate college papers and easing the transition to third level education. Beyond that, writing skills can also be useful in a variety of careers, allowing professionals to create proposals, write reports, and communicate with more clarity and elegance than others in their field.

What Practicing Essay Writing in an English Enrichment Course Means for Students and Their Future

By enrolling in an English enrichment course, students will closely focus on the more substantial aspects of English. During the essay writing process, they are forced to communicate in a more logical, ordered way than they would when speaking. This process enables them to develop indispensable skills in critical thinking and analysis: useful qualities to possess in many professional sectors. Young learners will also develop a unique approach to expressing themselves and form their own style of writing and speaking in the long term.
Essay writing can be a crucial part of a child’s academic development
Essay writing can be a crucial part of a child’s academic development
As students reinforce their ability to construct sentences, form valid arguments, and learn how to persuade readers and listeners, they achieve a high level of communication experience that will allow them to make further progress in both their academic and personal development. Want to learn more about English enrichment classes for middle school? Contact ASC A+ for more details.