You’re Invited: May 20, Free College Consultation Info Session and Essay Writing Workshop

By A Plus Program on 6 May 17 News
A student with a GPA of 3.8 and an above average SAT score was rejected by Boston University and other elite schools. Meanwhile, with our A+ College Consultation Program, a student with a GPA of 3.6 and SAT score of 1400 was accepted by his dream school NYU. Wondering how we did it?

Join the A+ College Consultation Team for a FREE college admission essay workshop and informational session; an experience valued at roughly $300!

Last year, the A+ Program learned about a brilliant student who, with a GPA of 3.8 and an above average SAT score, was rejected by Boston University and other elite schools. This student’s blanket rejection is yet another example of how a high GPA and a strong SAT score are simply not enough to get a student admitted to a top university.


With today’s students getting increasingly competitive academically, experts are urging applying students to work with a counselor to put together an essay and application package that accurately represents who they are outside of academics. Learning how to present yourself to colleges and universities is a unique skill that requires significant 1:1 coaching and training. However, those same experts note that nationally our country is in a college consultant shortage. Today, there are roughly 419 students to one school guidance counselor, even though research continually demonstrates that students who lack college counseling struggle to get into universities of their own accord.


A+ College Consultation is only guidance counselor you can depend on.


If you are an average or above average student when it comes to your academics, the only thing standing in the way between you and your dream school are the 471 other students vying for the same individualized coaching you are. However, the A+ College Consultation Program guarantees you 1:1, individualized coaching on every aspect of your application package: all at a price point nearly 54% less than market value.


The A+ College Consultation Program Coaches You Through:

  • Selecting the right college and major for you
  • Strategically planning, participating, and discussing your co-curricular activity
  • Writing an unparalleled essay and memorable personal statement
  • A unique an individualized recommendation letter
  • SAT/ACT Coaching and Planning
  • Nailing your college admissions interview
  • Navigating financial aid and earning free money for college
  • And more!

Join us on Saturday, May 20th, for a free informational seminar and complimentary college essay review!

Light refreshments will be served.