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The Most Stressful School Year Ever

Not Necessarily

From the
ASC President
Carl Nelson


Dear parents,
The majority of public schools have chosen to use hybrid models in some form at the starting times of the new school year. Teachers are more trained and experienced in online teaching than they were in March but because students are not going back to the classrooms, and between managing and IT operations, students’ comprehension of this year’s material can’t be guaranteed and teachers can’t have the expectations.

We can see this from when we started our summer sessions that many teachers were catching up with students during the first session because they weren’t at the level that they usually are at the end of the school year. Teachers were only able to teach advanced topics later in the session. Teachers of our Saturday program now are finding that some slight catch up is needed to accommodate for different types of students.

In any case, at ASC we have smaller classes so not only can we catch you up to last year but also keep you at an advanced level through our rigorous curriculum and experienced and caring teachers.


Do you want to know what is happening at school? Check these out!


E. Gadowski teacher of 6 years at ASC for ELA

Middle school teacher

“We can’t go as quickly as we used to with the curriculum but it’s getting better and students are able to produce wonderful pieces of writing by the end of the session. Shared documents abilities have helped students organize their thoughts and notes better.”


S. Hickey former Program Manager at ASC

5th grade teacher

“I’m still trying to adjust my teaching to assess the levels of the students this school year (2020-2021), as not everyone took summer enrichment courses.” There seems to be gaps in learning for many students.” I am still reviewing concepts from last school year to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


P. Barry teacher of 13 years at ASC for math

middle school teacher

“During the summer sessions, I am usually able to cover many 5th grade math concepts but this summer, I was surprised that students had not fully grasped 2-3 digit multiplication so I had to spend time reviewing it before I was able to teach long division.”

teacher_photo4D. Washington teacher at ASC of 10 years for ELA

early childhood teacher

“Online courses have been a learning curve for everyone both students and teachers alike.” No one was prepared for this. However, I’ve become more comfortable with using online teaching tools. I love that that I can still interact with my students and have great discussions on the novels that we read!”

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