3 Skills Children Develop When They Attend a Summer Coding Bootcamp

By APlus on 7 June 19 Blog

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Coding bootcamp is a great way for your child to begin learning how to code. However, coding is about a lot more than preparing children for a future working with computers and software. In fact, by learning how to code, your child will also develop soft skills that can be used in many areas of work and study as they get older, whether that’s in computer science or a completely different field.

Learning to code is a way to empower your child to be the very best they can be. Let’s take a look at some of the unexpected skills that your child can develop through coding.

1. Coding Helps Children Develop Logical Thinking Skills

Because coding can seem so technical, it is easy to overlook how it can improve a child’s ability to think. However, that is exactly what coding does. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Computer programming teaches you how to think.” Coding isn’t about mindlessly punching in numbers and symbols in order to achieve a desired result. To code, children have to develop important logical skills.

For example, conditionals are one of the most basic features of coding. With conditionals, coders have to decide how a computer program will behave depending on different actions a user takes. In a video game, if the user completes a challenge, then they may go to the next level of the game. However, if they fail the challenge, then they may be sent back. While your child may not realize it, these “if-then” scenarios in coding are a form of logic. As students learn more complex coding, they also further develop their ability to think logically.

Children learn how to develop logical thinking skills through coding

Children learn how to develop logical thinking skills through coding

2. Children Develop Patience and Focus Through Coding

You may think technology is decreasing your child’s patience and ability to focus. After all, if they’re like many children, they probably seem distracted by texting their friends or playing video games. Through summer coding bootcamp, children can actually use technology to develop patience and attention to detail.

That’s because when it comes to coding, one misplaced piece of code can cause the entire program to stop working. As a result, when children code, they learn that the best way to get the code right is by taking their time and paying close attention to what they are doing. As a result, they hone their ability to focus and not rush through tasks.

3. Summer Coding Bootcamp Teaches Children How to Build with Different Languages

In Harry Potter, whenever Hermione wants to unlock a door, she points her wand at it and says “Alohomora.” For children, coding skills are a lot like knowing secret spells. That’s because coding is a language, but one that’s very different from the languages we usually speak, read, and write with. With coding, children learn a language that, like a wizard casting spells, can actually create things, whether it’s a video game, website, or smartphone app.

Piece by piece, children use the coding languages they learn in summer coding classes to build programs. This use of language gives kids a behind-the-scenes look at how some of their favorite toys and devices work. As a result, they begin to understand how computer programs are built one step at a time through coding, which may even inspire them to become budding entrepreneurs and build their own programs or pursue one of the many career paths that rely on programmers.

Coding teaches children how to build amazing devices and programs with language

Coding teaches children how to build amazing devices and programs with language

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