How to Get a Perfect 1600 Score on the SAT

By ASC A+ Program on 19 May 21 Blog,News

Most high school students are driven to get into their dream university. Nothing can stop them from applying to their dream college, even the pandemic did not do that. Based on a report from Common App, the overall total applications to competitive universities surged by 11%. Most students know the SAT plays an important role in college admissions, even with the Test-Optional Policies implemented this year due to the pandemic. Let’s take a quick view of how important the SAT is.


  1. The “New” SAT
  2. A Good SAT Score
  3. A Short Cut to Improve SAT Score

1. THE “New” SAT

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In 2016, the College Board made drastic changes to the SAT. This time, due to the pandemic, the College Board has decided to make more changes. It will no longer offer SAT Subject test and SAT Essay after the June 2021 administration. But, for the current school year, universities can have essays included in the test. Contact your school and check whether the Essay will be required.

2. An Excellent SAT Score

Check out how competitive the college admission process is. Here is a list of schools with last year’s acceptance rates. 

Stanford University:4%

Columbia University:5%

Harvard University:5%

Among all the top universities, 75% of the applicants were qualified, but only 25% of those qualified students were selected. Those students had an average of 710-800 on the English section and a 720-800 on Math. If you don’t have the time to take the essay test, focusing on English and Math will help you get a better score. The ASC A+ program recommends that students set a target score of 1430 or higher, which is above the 95% percentile, to make them outstanding applicants.

3. A Short Cut to Improve Your SAT Score

ASC recommends that students set aside six months to one year to prepare for the SAT, based on their performance and confidence level. Many students spend time memorizing vocabulary words or working on tough questions. In fact, the best way to improve test scores is mastering the test process.

ASC A+ program is here to guide you to crush the SAT and earn a top score. We guarantee an improvement of 100-250 points on average. We are accepting both online and in-person learning experience applications for all summer courses.

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