Independent School Entrance Examination(ISEE) Guides and Tips

By ASC A+ Program on 26 March 21 News

Spring is also the season to prepare ISEE!


With COVID being under control, ISEE and Secondary School Admission Test(SSAT) are going to be required for those who are going to apply for the private schools again later this year. There are many important aspects about these exams you need to know as a parent in order to help your child get the ideal results to get admitted to the selected schools.

Firstly, you need to know which exam is best for your child from the following perspective:

  • School requirement and preference
  • ISEE is more difficult in math
  • Students can only take ISEE once every six months, but there is no limit on SSAT

Then, you need to choose the right level for your child, the most common levels are middle and upper levels:

  • Middle level refers to students applying for the middle school program (Grade 6-8)
  • Upper level refers to students applying for the upper school(high school) program (Grade 9-12)


Private Schools typically requires students to submit their exam score by November, therefore, we strongly recommend our students prepare during our April session and the Summer sessions, or sign up for Private Tutoring session to be fully prepared before their real test in October.


Our students got accepted to:

  • BB&N ISEE Percentile 90 91 97 98
  • Beaver Country Day ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
  • Belmont Hill ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
  • Commonwealth ISEE Percentile 84 95 98 97
  • Concord Academy SSAT Percentile 96 99 98 99
  • Fessenden ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
  • Noble & Greenough ISEE Percentile 95 99 96 97
  • Phillips Andover SSAT Percentile 96 99 98 99
  • Phillips Exeter ISEE Percentile 98 88 88 88
  • Roxbury Latin ISEE Stanine 9 & 8
  • Winsor SSAT Percentile Rank 96 99 98 99

Milton Academy, Winsor, Phillips Academy, and more top private schools in the US.

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