A+ Student Profile: Yaying Liang

By A Plus Program on 16 May 16 News,Student Profile

2nd Grader Yaying started at A+ from the November session, and Yaying’s mother told us that even through just one session, Yaying has already gained enormous improvement in her studies.  Yaying’s family moved to the United States three years ago, and she now goes to a public school in Boston and is placed in an ESL class. Yaying experienced some difficulties when she first started at the A+ Program, especially in the English subject, and the parents have Yaying stay at the one-hour A+ Homework Club after class to gain extra help on homework. With the combination of A+ class and homework club help, Yaying is making steady and fast progress. Yaying’s mother told us that Yaying’s teacher in school commented on Yaying’s great advancement within a short time.

Yaying’s mother is very happy with the A+ Program. She thinks that A+ can help Yaying build a solid foundation for long term academic success in her education career, and Yaying will stay at the A+ Program for many more years to come. We are very happy to be able to help many students establish strong academic skills and confidence to succeed in school!