A+ Program Student Profile: Mu Hsiao

By A Plus Program on 16 May 16 News,Student Profile


Mu Hsiao joined us this past summer, and he immediately lit up the classroom with his humor and intellect. Since then, teachers have immensely enjoyed working with him, as he contributes significantly to class and other students’ learning experiences.

When talking to Mu Hsiao’s parents, you learn that he is very involved in a number of other academic programs, including a few language classes! So, why do they continue to come back to the A+ Program?


Mu Hsiao’s father noted that he wants his son to enjoy learning. They do not force him to participate in any academic programs, because they want him to view learning as something that is fun and will add to his life experiences. In each of his programs, including A+, Mu Hsiao has specifically asked his parents to return so he can continue learning more with the friends he gains.

Over the summer, his father noticed one thing in particular about our program: students smiling. At A+, the teachers and staff ensure students enjoy the challenging content being taught in class. Year after year we have students return to our classrooms because of the exciting things they have learned with us, and they recognize the fun they had while doing it.

Our primary focus is to help students realize that learning challenging material can be fun and exciting! We love having students like Mu Hsiao return every session to further their learning, and coupled with Mu Hsiao’s excellent parent support, he continues to grow with the A+ Program.