A+ Program Teacher Explains Her Teaching Style

By A Plus Program on 17 November 16 News,Teacher Profile

A+ teacher teaching in class

Shevonne Commock is one of A+ Program’s most talented teachers. See what she has to say about A+ Program and her teaching style:

I am a Boston native and began teaching at ASC in the summer of 2013. For me, the allure of the A+ program has always been the students: they are inquisitive, engaged, and eternally eager to learn. They excite and inspire me to deliver creative and dynamic lessons each week, creating an ideal context for me to teach in. The learning culture cultivated at ASC is rigorous and challenging; and, not only, are students held to extremely high expectations, they are also internally motivated to perform at their best. Although each session is only 8 weeks long, as educators, we have the privileged of propelling students’ learning by leagues, which is awesome to behold.

My teaching style is informed by my own schooling. I was a child with an insatiable curiosity and an endless reserve of energy, which turned out to be a noxious mix in a regimented, catholic school. I decided that when I became a teacher, I wanted to do things a little differently. I wanted to create an atmosphere that encouraged an individual’s pursuit of knowledge; I wanted to create a learning culture that was both rigorous and fun. I don’t want my students to be conscious of the fact that they’re “learning;” I just want them to be inspired to continue building their knowledge base outside of the classroom.

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