A+ student profile: Jay Hui and Kate Hui

By A Plus Program on 16 May 16 News,Student Profile

The Hui family has been with A+ for over six years now. Jay (8th Grade) and Kate (5th Grade) have never missed an A+ session since they started with the program.  Teachers who have taught the Hui siblings are all very impressed by the solid English and math foundations they have built at A+. Besides strong study skills, Jay and Kate also demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills. They can easily make friends with new students and adapt to different teachers’ styles.

Jay and Kate’s mother is very happy with her children’s learning experience at A+, and she expressed that she keeps sending them back year after year because A+ is not only an academic enrichment program where students learn to do their best, but it is also a great community where students bond and grow to be well-rounded individuals. Through the referral of Jay and Kate’s parents, many of their family members and friends are now also part of the A+ family. We are very happy to see Jay, Kate, and all other A+ students like them continue to advance in their academics and enjoy their learning experiences. We look forward to another great session with all of our students this November!