Parent’s Voice: The Roys

By A Plus Program on 16 May 16 News,Parent's Voice

The Roy Family has been with the A+ Program for three years now, starting with the older brothers Augustin (currently a 7th grader at the Noble and Greenough School) and Tancrede (5th grade). Seeing the two boys’ enormous improvement through the A+ classes, the family sent their two younger 2nd graders, Gaetan and Mathias, to the A+ Saturday Program in September. Gaetan and Mathias are very active learners, and they always love to participate and contribute their creativity to class.

A Harvard graduate with a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees, Mr. Roy has always talked about the A+ Program as a great place for students to develop effective study skills and achieve true learning. Mr. Roy refers to A+ as a leading prototype for high quality educational institutes. He is very happy with his four sons’ experiences at A+, because it has helped them develop highly efficient learning habits that have led to success in school and beyond. Mr. Roy says that his four boys will stay in the A+ Program until they attend college, and we are so honored to work with such dedicated parents in an effort to provide the best education for their students!