A+ ISEE Students Accepted by Boston Latin

By A Plus Program on 16 May 16 News

This is the fruitful season for A+ students when they receive acceptance letters from their dream schools! Let’s share the joy with our students on the great achievement they have attained:

  • Among the A+ students who have applied to Boston Latin School and Boston Latin Academy90% were accepted.
  • Ethan Chang and two students were accepted to Roxbury Latin School.
  • ISEE student Vikram Konanki was accepted to Milton Academy and Noble and Greenough School!
  • ISEE student Jenny Lu was accepted to Milton Academy.
  • ISEE student Augustin Roy was accepted to Noble and Greenough School.
  • ISEE students Horace WongRoy ZhuHarry Markopolos and Louis Markopoloswere accepted to Boston College High School.


Congratulations to Jenny Lu on getting accepted to Milton Academy!

Jenny’s story: Jenny and her sister Jessica grew up taking A+ classes. Jenny has always been a top student at school with solid study skills and excellent academic aptitude. She is well involved in various extracurricular activities as well. In 2014, Jenny participated in the A+ Upper Level ISEE Class and scored over 900 in all sections on the test. She also worked with the A+ private tutors who coached her on application essays and interview. Let’s join the A+ family to congratulate Jenny on getting accepted into her dream school!


Congratulations to our ISEE class student John Lin on getting accepted to Boston Latin School as a top 20 student!

John joined the A+ Summer Program ISEE Classes in the summer of 2014 and the September ISEE class. Through three sessions of study at A+, John scored above 900 points on all sessions on the ISEE test and got admitted to Boston Latin School as a top 20 student! John is right now in our A+ Middle School Writing Saturday class getting ready for middle school study.


Congratulations to Axelle on getting accepted to Harvard Business School!

Axelle joined the ASC Private Tutoring Program in November, 2014 and worked with our tutors Tyler Clancy (English) and Richard Torres (math) on GMAT for business school. She got perfect scores after 40 hours’ tutoring and hard work. We are glad to hear that Axelle just got accepted to Harvard Business School!

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