Things Required To Get Into a Top Private School.

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With the impact of COVID, many parents realize that private schools could could give students more of an upper hand than public schools. The past school year just 5% of private school were virtual compared to 62% of public schools, According to Axios. Many parents have misconceptions about how top private schools select their students. Parents may think with outstanding GPAs and some on campus and off campus activities, their students will easily be accepted by top-notch private schools. But

“Sometimes, the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine in standardized tests because they do not have standardized minds. “–Diane Ravitch

Most Qualified students will contempt the standardized test, like SSAT, the Secondary School Admission Test or the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Examination), which are required by most private schools.

Top private schools will have strict rules about standardized tests. For example, The Winsor School will not accept “superscore” which means students will most likely only have one chance to take the test. In this case, timing is critical for all applicants. ISEE & SSAT test preparation process varies from person to person, some of ASC A+ program students take 1 month, while others may take up to 1 year. Get yourself and your kid(s) prepared. According to the feedback from students who are accepted by top private schools, like The Roxbury Latin School, BB&N, Noble and Greenough School, Winsor School, Phillips Academy — Andover, they all have one application component in common – All of them got astonish standardized test results.

Another critically important application components the admissions committee uses to select their students are the application essays. One student is interested in math, for example, used her essays to show her passion in Math. She focused on why she was passionate about math, discussed the math competitions she attended and other activities she takes related to math. The admissions committee was clearly impressed with her effort and selected her for admissions to their school.

The Interview

Interview is another important tool the admissions committee uses to help them make their decision. They are looking for what sets your student apart from other similar applicants with excellent GPAs, test scores and extracurriculars.  Make sure your Student is prepared with Private School Counseling when the admission committee asks, “what do you like to read outside of school?”.

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Our trained ISEE/SSAT teachers show students how to apply strategies proven to increase their test scores. The in-class reviews keeps students focused while the materials and practice exams improve their understanding of the most important skills, concepts, and test-taking strategies.  The overall experience in the A+ ISEE/SSAT Test Prep program gives every student the confidence they need to be in that top 10!

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Private school admissions today are more competitive than ever, so fully understanding the process and developing a first-rate application package is essential. The A+ Private School Counseling Program provides exactly what every student needs to stand out from the crowd of all applicants. We are committed to providing intensive support throughout the entire process until the application submission!

You only have this one opportunity to help your child earn admissions into a top private school.  Do not do this by yourself!  ASC has 27 years of helping qualified students succeed.  Go with the experts!

So many of the of students who apply to private school are Qualified, which means they meet the admission requirement(GPA, test, letter of recommendation, and extracurriculars) listed on their website. But only well the most well-prepared students will be Selected by the admissions committee.  ASC will help your student stand out from the rest of the applicants and earn admission to an excellent private school!

How to become the selected student? Here are a list of eye catching components:

Leadership|Community Service|Time Management|Study Skills|Personality assessment|Motivation training|Open House Activities|Interview|Essay

Top Private School:Roxbury Latin School|Noble & Greenough |Philip Academy |Philip Exeter |Milton Academy |Winsor School


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With the coach of ASC A+ Program

Students are selected by top-notch private schools!


Schools Test Results
BB&N ISEE Percentile 90 91 97 98
Beaver Country Day ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
Belmont Hill ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
Commonwealth ISEE Percentile 84 95 98 97
Concord Academy SSAT Percentile 96 99 98 99
Fessenden ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
Noble & Greenough ISEE Percentile 95 99 96 97
Phillips Andover SSAT Percentile 96 99 98 99
Phillips Exeter ISEE Percentile 98 88 88 88
Roxbury Latin ISEE Stanine 9 & 8
Winsor SSAT Percentile Rank 96 99 98 99


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