How Learning Debate and Presentation Skills Helps English Enrichment Program Students Succeed

By APlus on 12 March 19 Blog

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The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills that children can develop, which helps them navigate a variety of areas throughout their life. While they may excel at communicating themselves through writing or one-on-one conversations, it can be difficult when elements of public speaking are involved.

Public speaking can be intimidating, especially for young students who are still learning how to express their own thoughts, ideas, and opinions—it can be even more daunting to try and develop these skills if English is not their native language. Learning how to debate with others and present information to an audience may seem like a challenge, but it can help students practice and improve a variety of skills, including their communication and English-speaking abilities.

If you’re interested in helping your child develop good debate and presentation skills that will benefit them throughout their life, read on to find out what they can learn in English enrichment classes.

Engaging in Debate Can Help Students Sharpen Their Critical Thinking

There is more to the art of debate than simply arguing with another person. Debate is the process of carefully choosing and presenting the best words and evidence that support the argument one wants to make, and it’s an important aspect of both verbal communication and critical thinking.

Critical thinking is a skill that we use to explore ideas and analyze or question the information we’re given in order to form our own personal conclusions and opinions. Debate can help students in an English enrichment course cultivate their critical thinking ability to make logical, articulate arguments, as well as encourage their curiosity towards new ideas and perspectives. It also allows them to explore a new dimension of the English language as they build their vocabulary and apply their verbal communication skills in a different context than casual conversation.

Presentation and Debate Can Teach Your Child Important Life Skills

There are certain skills which help us prepare for success in our personal and professional life. Presenting a subject or project in front of an audience means we have the chance to use and improve some of these skills, including how we speak, listen, and understand both our ideas and those of other people.

Debate and presentation can help students develop the skills they need to succeed

Debate and presentation can help students develop the skills they need to succeed

Learning how to properly present or debate something helps young students to better structure and organize their thoughts, improve their techniques in persuasion, and respect differences in opinions. This will be to their advantage as they grow older and interact with people who have different thoughts and perspectives, including those they may one day work with. These skills can also help them become more analytical in their style of thinking, which they can then apply to academic work such as tests and exams.

Students in an English Enrichment Class Can Improve their Self-Confidence

Many students may not feel confident about debating or presenting something in front of a large group of people but learning the right ways to communicate thoughts and ideas can help students learn how to express themselves, which builds their sense of confidence in their abilities.

Classes at ASC A+ can help students build their confidence in the English language

Classes at ASC A+ can help students build their confidence in the English language

Students who are learning English may feel like they have a hard time communicating their true thoughts or opinions. While they can use an English enrichment class to build their vocabulary and grammar, they also have the opportunity to introduce themselves to debate and presentation, which takes the vocabulary and grammar they learn, and helps them apply it in a new, dynamic context. This gives students a more comprehensive understanding of the English language, which can make them more comfortable and confident in their English-speaking skills and improve their overall sense of proficiency.

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