A Short Guide to Writing the Perfect Personal Statement with the Help of a Summer Enrichment Program

By APlus on 24 July 20 Blog

The college a student attends can have a huge impact on their life – it could affect their future career, where they live, and more. However, college applications are becoming more and more competitive, and candidates need to do more to stand out amongst the crowd. 

The personal statement is a major part of the application process. This is an applicant’s opportunity to show the admission officers who they are and why they should be accepted. However, it can be difficult for first-time applicants to know how to write the perfect personal statement and produce a first-rate application. 

A summer course like the College Admissions Counselling Program at ASC+ can help students to increase their chances of being accepted into their dream university. This three-week intensive bootcamp can be completed online and will teach students all they need to know about the college applications process. Read on for a short guide to writing the perfect personal statement. 

A Sumer Enrichment Program Can Help Students Figure Out What Makes Them Unique 

Admissions officers might read hundreds of personal statements a day, so it’s important to make yours stand out. Before start writing a personal statement, college applicants need to consider what makes them different as a candidate. A good personal statement is one that is unique to the individual. 

In an academic enrichment program, students will work in groups and one-on-one with a professional to develop the perfect college application. Through this process, they will have the opportunity to draft a personal statement that accurately captures who they are. 

Students need to create unique personal statements

A Personal Statement Should Show Passion and Ambition 

Admission officers will want to choose a student who is passionate about their university and their educational goals, so it’s important to capture this in a personal statement. Students could describe the moment that they decided upon a particular life goal, or what it is about the university that interests them. If a student does any extra work towards their goals in their own time, such as volunteering or participating in clubs, they should mention this in the personal statement, too. 

All in all, students should be encouraged to show their ambition, consider what motivates them, and what they dream of doing after they graduate. Including this in a personal statement will demonstrate their drive. 

Personal Statements Should Be Edited and Proofread Multiple Times 

The final and most important step is to edit and proofread the statement. Students should check that they’ve answered anything specific that the university wanted to know, that they have formatted it correctly and that it is well-written and grammatically correct. 

It’s a good idea to ask a friend, family member, or teacher to review a personal statement for any grammatical errors or typos. One small mistake could undermine everything that they have written. Experienced teachers in a summer enrichment program at ASC A+ will be on hand to give students detailed feedback to ensure that their personal statement is the best that it can be. 

Make your personal statement the best it can be

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