Discover the Keys to SAT Writing Success Through High School Writing Workshops

By APlus on 4 August 17 Blog

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Proper preparation can go a long way to helping your child succeed on the SAT. By making the effort to develop a good understanding of the format and expectations, your scholar will be able to work towards achieving a great score.

The Writing and Language portion of the exam is worth 800 of the SAT’s total 1600 points. For that reason, it is important for ambitious scholars to put a good amount of effort into developing the particular kinds of skills that this part of the exam tests for.

Specialized training workshops that teach writing skills to high school students are great opportunities for training students to succeed on this test. Do you want to learn a little more about what the test is like and how these workshops can help? Here is what you need to know.

The Writing and Language Section of the SAT Tests Language Skills Through Editing Exercises

The writing and language section of the SAT will test your child by making them edit and revise texts. These texts are often short excerpts of academic papers relating to a number of subjects, such as history or science, for example, though literature and other types of text may also be used.

Students are required to look through the texts and complete a range of tasks, including correcting grammar errors in the writing, or revising sentences to make them into more logical or persuasive statements. By testing these areas, the SAT can get a good idea of a student’s overall understanding and command of important foundations of proper and effective English writing.

There are 44 questions in the writing and language section of the SAT, and just 35 minutes in which to complete them. This means that there isn’t enough time for test takers to re-read texts several times, or to spend a great deal of time considering their answers. It will instead be necessary for your child to develop a high level of comfort and skill in quickly reading texts and answering relevant questions.

A High School Writing Workshop Can Make a Big Difference to Results

Research shows that after school enrichment programs can have many positive outcomes in a number of areas among children and youth, including academic, social, and more. Common academic outcomes for students who take part in these programs include not only higher test scores and grades, but also greater enthusiasm for learning, and greater ambition for pursuing higher education after completing high school.

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Enrichment classes can provide a boost to academic achievement!

Special enrichment classes for writing can be particularly beneficial for your child when they are preparing for the fast-paced and demanding writing and language section of the SAT. At ASC, valuable practice writing and analyzing texts is an important part of our writing classes for high school students. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring scholars leave well prepared to analyze the composition of texts they will encounter on tests like the SAT. Scholars can learn to quickly pick out errors in grammar, punctuation, and other elements of writing. They are also taught how to present sophisticated ideas in a highly polished style, which can be a particularly useful skill when revising texts during the SAT.

These exercises encourage familiarity and comfort with the broad range of skills that are examined by standardized tests like the SAT, and can help your scholar develop the intuitive grasp of English necessary for success.

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Enrichment classes for writing can teach the skills necessary for SAT writing success

Do you want your child to enjoy the benefits of a high school writing workshop?

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