How Presentation Training Can Improve Public Speaking Skills Affected by Quarantine

By APlus on 28 July 20 Blog

Do you remember the last time you had to give a presentation to a group of people? Maybe it was an interview, a corporate event, or even a wedding. Public speaking can be incredibly nerve-wracking – especially if you don’t have much experience. Your hands might get sweaty, your voice might shake, and you may forget everything that you wanted to say. 

Public speaking skills could help your child to succeed throughout their education and beyond. At ASC A+, students can build their confidence with public speaking and presentation skills training so that they are well-prepared to succeed.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced students around the world to work and study from home. This means that students will have had less opportunity to interact with others or improve their public speaking skills. Read on to find out how presentation training could help your child with public speaking post-COVID-19. 

Children Will Have Had Less Face-to-Face Interaction Throughout Quarantine 

The social interactions that we have early on in life can have a huge impact on our presentation, public speaking, and communication skills. Children that have spent several months inside with only their families might be nervous about returning to classrooms. 

Even confident children might feel shy about interacting with friends, teachers, and new people after so many months in quarantine. A public speaking and presentation workshop with ASC A+ can help children to rebuild their confidence so that they are ready to return to classrooms. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether it’s in the classroom or the boardroom, your first experiences with public speaking might be difficult. At ASC A+, we believe it’s important that children have plenty of opportunities to improve their public speaking skills early on in life. 

As part of the public speaking for kids workshops, students will be encouraged to contribute in class and give presentations. In light of quarantine and the global pandemic, many of these interactions have been moved online. 

Students may have the opportunity to develop presentation and public speaking skills ‘virtually.’ These early experiences will help children to build confidence and develop the skills that they need to succeed. High school students will also be less nervous when they need to give a class presentation or interview in front of a group of college admissions officers.

Public speaking training could help prepare your child for college interviews

Watch and Learn From Others in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training 

One of the best ways for your child to improve their public speaking skills in presentation training is to watch and learn from others. Your child will be able to listen to other children, their teacher, and maybe other presenters, and learn from their examples. 

We encourage students to think critically when watching other public speakers – whether online, in-person, or on the TV or radio. Your child should ask themselves questions like:

  • How is the speaker engaging with their audience?
  • What is the speaker doing well? 
  • What are they not doing so well?

This means that they will be able to improve their own public speaking skills by recognizing what works well and what doesn’t. For example, they might notice that the speakers who spoke slowly and held eye contact came across much more confident than those that didn’t.

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