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By APlus on 18 August 17 Blog

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Earning acceptance into top private high schools that require Upper Level SSAT opens up a world of opportunity for budding scholars. While your child’s score on the SSAT will not be only the factor that leading schools consider, it is an essential part of their application.

For international students, in particular, taking the Upper Level SSAT is important, because it allows them to attend a private high school for as many years needed until graduation, instead of the maximum one year of studies allowed at a public school.

To help your child earn the highest score possible on the Upper Level SSAT and surpass other scholars at their grade level, you could consider enrolling them in an SSAT prep course, which provides a rigorous and challenging review of key subject areas including English and mathematics, and will help your child improve their test-taking skills and stamina, and build their confidence.

Read on to learn a bit more about what is the SSAT and how Upper Level SSAT preparation can help your child succeed.

Succeeding on the SSAT Helps Scholars Gain Admission to Top Schools

If you want your child to attend a leading university, such as Harvard, Yale, or another Ivy League university, studying at an elite high school is an excellent step in the right direction. Many of these schools require students to submit their SSAT score when applying. The three-hour and five-minute SSAT exam covers 167 items, assessing the verbal, mathematic, and reading skills that are needed to succeed in the challenging and rigorous academic environment often found at top schools.

The Upper Level SSAT is composed of an unscored prompted writing sample, as well as five multiple choice sections: quantitative 1, reading, verbal, quantitative 2, and an unscored experimental section. Throughout the exam, your child will be required to flex their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and demonstrate their utmost potential. Each section of the

Upper Level SSAT covers the following:

  • Writing sample – One creative prompt and one traditional essay
  • Reading Comprehension – Literary fiction, humanities, science, and social studies
  • Verbal – Synonyms and analogies
  • Math (Quantitative) – Number concepts and operations, algebra, geometry/measurement, data analysis/probability

There are eight test dates available from 2017 to 2018: October 14, November 11, December 9, January 6, February 3, March 3, April 21, and June 9. When selecting which test date is right for your child, consider the application deadlines for the schools your child is applying to. In addition, remember that when signing up for the Upper Level SSAT within three weeks of the selected exam date, there is an extra fee.

SSAT preparation course

SSAT scholars learn from well-trained Upper Level SSAT Educators

SSAT Test Prep Helps Scholars Achieve Top Scores

While the SSAT is challenging, enrolling your child in an ASC A+ SSAT preparation course is an excellent way to prepare them for the challenges of the time-restricted exam and help them perform to the best of their abilities with confidence.

Your child will be guided through the entire test preparation process by experienced SSAT-trained educators. ASC A+ has a proven track record of helping young scholars achieve impressive scores on entrance exams. In fact, 90 percent of our ISEE scholars earn admission to Boston Latin School, the top public school in Boston, as well as many other fantastic private schools, such as Noble & Greenough School, Winsor School, and Phillips Academy.

SSAT Test Prep

SSAT Test Prep provides training for the analogy section which is unique to the Upper Level SSAT

The SSAT Test Prep program provides a well-rounded overview of all components of the exam in addition to teaching advanced test-taking strategies. Because multiple choice questions make up the bulk of the Upper Level SSAT, scholars learn the most effective methods for answering multiple choice questions strategically and efficiently. All the test-taking techniques we teach have been proven to drastically increase scores on the exam.

One of the only differences between the ISEE and the Upper Level SSAT is the section on analogies. To ensure our scholars succeed on this portion of the exam, we provide in-depth practice with analogy during the prep course.

It is also important for scholars to learn how to answer questions when they are not completely confident in the answer. The SSAT has a specific grading system that penalizes scholars a quarter of a mark if they answer a question incorrectly. To combat this, we provide scholars with sound strategies for inferring the meaning of words from the context of the surrounding sentences, and teach them how to answer questions when they only have a portion of the knowledge needed, so that they can turn a question they do not know into an opportunity to demonstrate their advanced critical thinking skills.

Upon completion of the SSAT preparation course, your child will feel confident of succeeding on the exam.

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