How Parents Can Help Improve Their Middle Schooler’s Writing Skills

By 1seo on 26 August 22 Blog

Strong writing skills are essential for proper communication and excelling in school. Your child learned the foundations of writing in elementary school, and now they are moving on to more advanced concepts, such as subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, and structured essay writing. From here, writing activities will only become harder. If you have a reluctant writer, now is the time to help them develop proper writing techniques so that they will be able to tackle their future assignments in high school and create a strong college application essay.

Here are a few ways you can help your middle schooler improve their writing skills:

Encourage Them to Read

The best writers are readers. By encouraging your child to read on a regular basis, you ensure they are exposed to new vocabulary and different ways of using words. Once they see words in various contexts, they’ll be able to use them more easily in their own writing.

If your middle schooler is reluctant to pick up a book, take them to the library and allow them to explore different genres. They will be much more willing to delve into a story when it’s a topic that interests them, whether it’s a book about aliens taking over the world or an autobiography about a young female surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack.

Suggest Journaling

If your middle schooler complains and grumbles whenever they have to sit down to write an essay for English class, show them that writing can be fun. One way to do this is by getting them interested in journaling. Through this exercise, they’ll learn how to express their thoughts and ideas creatively while honing their writing skills. Make the activity more interesting by allowing them to choose a fun journal. This is an easy way to get your middle school student to write every day.

Create a Writing Corner

Middle school students thrive when they have structure. If your child has trouble focusing when it’s time to write, there may be too many distractions around them. Consider setting up a dedicated writing space for them. This area can be a corner of their room, a desk in your home’s office, the kitchen table, or anywhere else! Just make sure the space is free of distractions and has all the writing tools they need to get their thoughts on paper.

Have a Chat to Get Their Juices Flowing

Often, the hardest part of writing is getting started. If your middle school student sits in front of a blank piece of paper for moments on end, perhaps they need help formulating their ideas into words. You can help your middle schooler develop their writing skills by having a short discussion during the prewriting phase of the writing process.

Talk to your middle schooler about the subject matter they’ve been assigned to help them form their own ideas and opinions. You can avoid providing them with the words for their essay by asking thought-provoking questions and letting them lead the conversation.

Praise Their Work

Writing is hard, especially for young students just discovering their voices. Encourage them in their writing journeys by pointing out the things they did right in their essays and asking questions about their pieces. When you show interest in their writing, your middle school student will begin to recognize the importance of writing.

Sign Your Middle Schooler Up for a Writing Workshop

If your child needs help honing their writing skills, consider registering them for a writing workshop. Our writing programs in Boston are designed to improve students’ reading and writing skills, from brainstorming and drafting to editing and revising. Your middle school student will be guided through a series of writing prompts and exercises that will help them learn how to convey their ideas in various styles. By the end of the workshop, they will have mastered middle school writing techniques and be on their way to success in high school.

For more information about the writing workshops and English classes in Boston from A+ Program, contact us today!