How ISEE Courses Help Students Master Quantitative Reasoning

By APlus on 17 January 20 Blog

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Taking the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) can help your child expand their educational options. Each section of the test will assess a student’s abilities in different ways, all of which will benefit from focussed study and guidance from teachers.

If you have a child who struggles with the Quantitative Reasoning section or one who is just keen to master every element of the ISEE, then it is worth enrolling them in a course offered by a reputable institution such as ASC A+. While it is true that students are hoping for a high score all around, quantitative reasoning is also an essential skill to develop in general. Read on to find out how a course will prepare any to feel comfortable with this section of the exam.

Familiarize Students with the Format of the Test

One of the most important elements of scoring high on standardized tests is being familiar and comfortable with its format. Start with the facts about the Quantitative Reasoning section:

  • Second section of the ISEE
  • 35 minutes
  • 37 questions
  • Approximately 57 seconds per question
  • No calculators allowed
  • Assesses a students’ mathematical abilities

ISEE courses offer a focussed environment that will make sure there are no surprises on test day. Experienced teachers will improve students’ understanding of what the section is meant to assess, how long they should spend on each question, and how to study for the ISEE.

Quantitative reasoning can be intimidating, but courses will have students smiling

Quantitative reasoning can be intimidating, but courses will have students smiling

ISEE Training Provides Practice on all Question Types

There are two general categories of questions in the Quantitative Reasoning section: Word Problems and Quantitative Comparisons. Students will be expected to perform estimations, analyze and interpret data, compare and contrast quantities, and more. After students have been introduced to the question types, the next step is practice.

ISEE training will help create conditions that are similar to test conditions and give students hands-on practice doing questions, followed by immediate feedback about how to improve. The courses will challenge and encourage students to do their best with every round of practice.

Students will benefit from being around peers who are working towards the same goals

Students will benefit from being around peers who are working towards the same goals

Efficiency and Methods to Improve Test Scores

Along with giving students an opportunity to practice and build confidence for the ISEE, prep courses also provide specific strategies and methods to improve efficiency. For example, the qualitative comparison answer format is always the same. Students are given information in two columns and then asked to choose the correct response from these four options:

  • A) Column A is greater
  • B) Column B is greater
  • C) The Columns are equal
  • D) There is not enough information provided to determine the answer

One strategy that will help students save time is to memorize the statements. Every second saved by not reading each statement for every question can add up and leave more time for difficult questions. This is just one strategy among many that ASC A+ can provide to help your child do well in the Quantitative Reasoning section and beyond.

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