You’re Invited: 5/5 Open House-How To Prepare For College Success?

By A Plus Program on 19 April 18 Blog,News

To All Parents & Students of Grades 9-11:

Achieving acceptance to the school of your choice is a challenging task, but succeeding once you get in can be even more difficult. 

Come to our Open House event to learn more about what is required to get admitted into the school of your dreams, and discover how to balance the application process with preparing for college success.

We will also be offering a FREE assessment to evaluate your student’s potential for college success!

  • Learn about what universities are looking for in their applicants.
  • Explore what your potential is and how you can improve to meet universities’ requirements.
  • Discover what you can do now to prepare for college success once accepted.

Register today to evaluate your potential and develop a plan for success!

Date: May 5, Saturday, 1-3 pm

Location: 1106 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215