Boston SAT Test Preparation – Learning Center Vs. Online Tutoring

By A+ Staff on 25 December 16 Blog

It’s true:  There’s simply no substitute for the classroom environment when it comes to SAT test preparation in Boston.

Sometimes parents wonder whether they should just stick to online tutoring, since it’s more convenient and sometimes less expensive.  However, when a child only has online tutoring, they’re only getting a small part of the overall test preparation experience.  It’s probably better than nothing, but actual learning center tutoring is still a far superior option.

The Advantages of Learning Centers Over Online Tutoring For SAT Test Preparation in Boston

Group learning is more effective.

Multiple studies, over and over, have shown that learning in a group is almost always more effective than trying to exclusively learn solo.  Group members reinforce each other, and are good at providing peer support when parts of the group are struggling.

There are times one-on-one tutoring is effective for intensive study on a particular topic, but even then, participating in face-to-face SAT test preparation is more effective than doing it online.  Learning centers offer the option to use both types of tutoring as needed, while online learning is restrictive.

Genuine expert teachers.

Who’s at the other end of a computer connection, doing online tutoring?  It’s almost impossible to tell.  And they’re virtually certain to be less experienced than the genuine qualified teachers employed by A+ and other Boston learning centers.

One of the big reasons that online tutoring can be extremely inexpensive is that they aren’t hiring the best teachers.  After all, the best teachers are going to prefer working face-to-face in classrooms, and not endlessly writing emails and texts.

No cheating.

When working with test materials online for the SAT or another major test, it’s incredibly difficult for someone to resist the urge to ‘cheat’ and look up answers through other online sources.  After all, Google is only a click away at all times.  Even many adults have a hard time resisting the urge, although of course they’re ultimately only cheating themselves.

When SAT test preparation is done in a learning center, with actual oversight, it much more closely resembles actual test-taking conditions.  Learners aren’t able to use their phones or other external resources to look up answers.  This forces them to develop good test-taking skills, rather than allowing online services to give them an easy way out.

Get SAT Test Preparation In Boston From The Best

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