Get the School Year Off to a Great Start with Summer Academic Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 12 May 17 Blog

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Do you want to make sure your child is ready to take on the new school year in the fall? Enrolling them in a summer enrichment program that is both challenging and fun may be just the ticket! A program like A+ can help them stay focused and disciplined, while preparing them for the new academic challenges they will face in the next grade level.

Whether your child is doing well in school or needs some help improving their core academic and interpersonal skills, they can reap the benefits of summer enrichment programs. While there are many reasons to enroll, here are a few of the most prominent:

Summer Academic Enrichment Programs Can Help Your Child Get Ahead

The A+ Program offers scholars in grades 1-12 two different summer enrichment program options. In each program, the material covered in classes are based on core concepts your child will encounter in their future classes, or exams, for the following year; providing them with an advantage over their peers when they begin school in the fall.

In the first program, your Middle and High School scholars can take two separate engaging, yet rigorous, subject classes—one in the morning and one in the afternoon—in a variety of content areas. Your scholar’s individualized class schedule can include an SAT or ISEE prep course, or a content-based English & Math course, while afternoon classes cover relevant topics such as Public Speaking, Writing, College Application Boot Camp, AP science and math, and more.

For elementary aged scholars, you can choose to enroll your child in our unique full day program; where scholars enroll in a morning class and then spend their afternoon participating in a variety of elective classes or workshops. These elective classes and workshops allow your child to have some fun while simultaneously developing hard and soft skills in test-taking, leadership, critical thinking, speaking, and targeted academic content.

Both of the A+ Summer Programs offer classes and activities to scholars of all ages and abilities. That means no matter which program you choose for your child, you can expect that it will be challenging and stimulating. Each class in our program will explore multiple topics and concepts, ensuring your child gains broad exposure to important new ideas. For example, in the English portion of our A+ English & Math program, your child will get to read and discuss advanced-level texts. They can also learn about structuring essays and take part in many other language and writing activities. In the Math portion, your child will learn ahead of time about solving word problems, and taking quizzes to practice new concepts.

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Academic summer programs can give your child an advantage over other students in their grade level.

With so many class options available, each covering multiple important topics, A+ Summer Programs are great for helping your child get a head start on the new school year.

A Good Summer Enrichment Program Can Help Your Child to Better Understand Material

If you would like your child to get assistance in only certain school subjects, enrolling them in an A+ Summer class can be a great way to help them. We offer a unique approach to flexible leveling, placing your child in a program level which matches their academic ability. From there, your child will be able to focus on improving their skills and preparing for material they will encounter at school; in a safe, supportive, and enriching environment right at their true academic level.

At A+, we also focus on helping scholars develop good study habits, ensuring they learn more effectively and get the most out of their summer experience. These soft skills include note-taking, study habits, test-taking strategies, and more. Developing these habits effectively can help scholars build a strong foundation for learning, and will make it easier for them to understand new material and produce academically rigorous and quality work. Whatever your child’s needs, our experienced, highly-qualified educators will make sure they receive plenty of help developing and enhancing these skills and more.

Your Child Can Make Friends & Develop Good Social Skills through Extracurricular Activities

Enrolling your student in academic enrichment programs can also help your child improve their social skills, have fun, and grow their confidence. Research shows that there is a link between self-confidence and success at school, and that having good social skills can promote higher self-confidence and overall wellbeing. This means that the social aspect of summer learning programs can be very important.

There are many chances for scholars in our programs to achieve this kind of personal growth. They can participate in activities like creative writing workshops, arts and crafts, and talent shows—just to list a few. Scholars can also go on trips to places like The Museum of Science, The Massachusetts State House, and The USS Constitution. These opportunities can help your child learn to express themselves, make friends, and have fun exploring the world around them, all while they become prepared for their upcoming school year.

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Scholars in A+ Summer Programs have many chances to make friends and have fun

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