College Admissions Counseling Program

College admissions today are more competitive than ever, so fully understanding the process and developing a first-rate application package is essential.  Most schools don’t have the time and/or resources to individually help all students effectively navigate this difficult process.  The A+ College Counseling Program provides exactly what every student needs to stand out from the crowd of all applicants.Our students’ dream colleges are now within reach!  Professionals work in groups and one-on-one with students to demystify this anxiety-inducing process, eliminate stress, and guide them to become an ideal candidate for college admissions.ASC offers two different courses as part of the College Counseling Program:

College Counseling Summer Bootcamp

Grades 10-11.

Available to students starting their senior year in the upcoming fall, the A+ College Counseling Summer Bootcamp is a three-week intensive offered in July and August.  During the 45 hours of class instruction and personal coaching, students will learn everything they need to know to develop a stellar application package that helps them outshine the competition.  This program is crucial for any student going into senior year who really wants to stand out amongst a crowded applicant field.

College Counseling Saturday Program

Grades 11-12

September and October can be a frantic time for high school seniors trying to put together the perfect college application while still balancing their other responsibilities in school and life. ASC’s A+ College Counseling Saturday Program can gives students the necessary guidance, time, and space to create an exemplary application package. A condensed version of our Summer Bootcamp intensive, this program ensures that students effectively develop every area of their college applications. The Saturday Program is for current high school seniors.

Comprehensive Counseling

Grades 9-12

This two-year Comprehensive Counseling begins in the fall of the students’ junior year in high school, during which time students’ will attend six-group workshops designed to fully prepare students for the upcoming application cycle.  Leadership training is provided and proactive communication skills are fostered during this time.  Over the summer between junior and senior year, students begin meeting one-on-one with our counselors to complete, refine, and revise their application packages.  These one-on-one sessions continue until the end of the application cycle, after which students receive valuable counseling on school selection and financial aid.Students in the A+ College Counseling Program will:

  • Find their own voice to write eloquent and authentic personal statements and supplemental essays.
  • Target a list of potential colleges and universities based on important criteria such as academic program offerings, class size, student life, and other factors.
  • Produce a polished and professional-looking résumé for college applications, internships and jobs.
  • Complete and refine the Common Application used by over 600 colleges.
  • Receive thorough personal coaching through the application process by our professional counselors.

We believe that students should choose their college – not wait for a college to choose them!  The A+ College Counseling Program gives students the keys they need to get into their dream colleges.

College Bootcamp Fees and Schedules

Starting Dates for Each Session
Session 1 September 15, 2018
Session 2 November 10, 2018
Session 3 February 2, 2019
Session 4 April 6, 2019
Afternoon Class 1-4pm
College Application Class $960 per 8-week session
College Comprehensive Counseling please call 617-730-3706 to set up an appointment

1106 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

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Classes are held Monday to Friday in two 3-week sessions.
$1600 per session Starting Dates for Each Session
Session 1 July 1 – 19, 2019 (no class on July 4)
Session 2 July 30-August 16, 2019
Afternoon Class 2-5pm

50 Sewall Ave., Brookline, MA 02446
1187 Beacon St., Brookline, MA 02446
65 Harrison Ave., FL 6. Boston, MA 02111
1106 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

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