Education Enrichment Programs Improve Your Child’s English Reading and Writing Skills

By A+ Staff on 26 October 16 Blog
Grade 2 English & Math student getting personal attention from A+ teacher

Few skills are more fundamental to academic success than English reading and writing. Children taught active reading through qualified instruction will gain deeper comprehension of the study material, a skill that is critical for achieving excellent results in all subjects in the school curriculum. These fundamental techniques and others taught at ASC A+ Program have helped thousands of students go on to attend Ivy League and other top schools across the country.

Many students who struggle with reading and writing can benefit greatly from some relatively simple techniques and approaches. Here are some techniques you can use to help enrich your child’s language abilities.

The Four Techniques That Drive Academic Success 

  1. Reading and thinking aloud

Reading aloud is a fundamental active reading process. It allows children to hear the phrasing of a word or sentence and the context behind the phrase. As part of the active reading and listening process, teachers can stop to ask questions to the student to ensure the student has a full understanding of the passage and its most prevalent concepts.

  1. Having children make predictions

Reading comprehension goes beyond simply understanding linguistic nuances. Exceptional comprehension requires the student to make predictions based on the text. They must be able to follow the story and give their prediction for the next stages of the story. This engages the student in the story and gives them a stake in its outcome.

  1. Encouraging memorization

At the end of each passage, teachers can help further drive student understanding by asking them to remember important parts of the story. When students take part in active reading over a series of lessons, they then build their long-term memory of the story. This will help them to understand why specific characters took specific actions, and the language used during this part of the story.

  1. Embracing critical thinking

Reading comprehension is rooted in the ability to form questions about a text, then answer based on the materials presented. Once a story has been completed, students will be asked for their thoughts on the actions that took place. This will help them further understand the story’s patterns, the connections between the characters, their actions and the words that drove the story.

Seek the Help of Education Enrichment Programs

ASC A+ is one of Boston’s top educational centers in tutoring and test preparation.  Our classes are designed to help any student, at any level of achievement, increase their English language skills across the board.   From basic reading and writing, to advanced reading comprehension, and even public speaking, our education enrichment programs take students to the next level.

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