ASC A+ February Sessions Start Soon! Give Your Child the Advantage with SAT Prep Courses & More…

By APlus on 30 January 19 Blog

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Your schedule can be busy balancing work, school and activities during the week, which is why ASC A+ is proud to offer Saturday learning classes to young minds in the Boston area which begin in February.

Our A+ Saturday Program features a variety of classes that help your child learn and improve the skills they need to succeed in English, writing, STEM, public speaking and test preparation. Our classes are open to any elementary, middle and high school student who wants to attend, and for our middle and high school students and parents, we also feature additional guidance on the private school admissions process.

If you want to give your child the opportunity to stay one step ahead and develop valuable skills they can use in the future, here’s why you should apply to our A+ Saturday Program beginning in February.

Exploring STEM with Hands-on Experiments and Math Enrichment Programs

Our targeted mathematics courses are designed by an early childhood specialist and can be taken with or without additional English classes. Students in Grade 1 focus on logical reasoning and number sense, as well as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Students in our Grades 2-8 math enrichment programs will additionally learn standardized test-taking skills and strategies to help prepare them for the mandatory Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS).

ASC A+ aims to introduce students to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) field early on, which is why we’re offering a Saturday STEM experiments course for students in Grades 5-7. This STEM class will focus on teaching students to apply STEM through conceptual learning and hands-on projects in programming and engineering, and there are no prerequisites except for a desire to learn more about STEM.

For our high school students in Grades 9-10, our A+ Saturday Program features a combined Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus course which explores trigonometric functions and related formulas in order to build a strong Pre-Calculus foundation. If your child has already passed Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II, or is a sophomore with demonstrated advanced math skills, our high school math course gives them the perfect opportunity to practice their skills and continue their studies.

ASC A+’s math enrichment programs begin in February. Apply today!

ASC A+’s math enrichment programs begin in February. Apply today!

Help Your Child Improve Their Reading, Writing and Public Speaking Skills

The A+ Saturday Program also offers classes that encourage students to improve their reading and writing comprehension, and enrollment is currently open. Our English class for Grade 1 students is an intensive course in a small group setting that focuses on phonic instruction, reading fluency and comprehension drills. For Grades 2-8, our unique curriculum focuses on vocabulary development, grammar, critical reading and open responses, with more emphasis on test-taking strategies than previous sessions.

The Public Speaking and Writing Workshop is open to middle school students who want to improve their writing skills in areas that aren’t typically covered in their school curriculum. From expanding their vocabulary and grammar to learning MLA format, students can start learning the essential skills they need for successful writing in high school and college.

High school students who want to learn how to write for a college application, write personal stories or speeches, and boost their grammar and vocabulary can sign up for our writing workshop for Grades 9-12. This class focuses on elements of creative writing and the techniques students can use to express themselves, an important skill to have when it comes to college admissions.

ASC A+ provides students with a valuable opportunity to improve their skills

ASC A+ provides students with a valuable opportunity to improve their skills

Featured Programs Include Test Preparation and Intensive English Classes

Our program also features SAT prep courses and ACT prep courses for Grades 10-12, as well as a specialized SAT Writing class for Grades 11-12. Trained and experienced SAT educators guide sophomores and juniors through test-taking strategies and familiarize them with the content they’ll encounter on the real test. Both the SAT and the ACT Test Prep course for sophomores, juniors and seniors end with a full-length practice exam, helping students to feel more confident before their test date arrives.

English language learners can also take advantage of our Saturday English courses, including Intensive English for adults and ISEE/SSAT Test Prep for students in Grades 5-6. ISEE preparation can help your child get into middle or high school, and our course is taught by ISEE/SSAT trained instructors who introduce students to content they’ll see in the exam, as well as work to improve their test-taking strategies and critical English and mathematical skills.

If you are new to the country and want to work on your reading and writing skills, our Intensive English classes are taught by experienced teachers who aim to help you think critically, use valuable learning strategies that can help you improve your English skills and better assimilate into your new culture.

Are you interested in having your child participate in English, STEM, public speaking workshops and more?

Contact ASC A+ to enroll in our featured Saturday programs!