3 Essay Writing Tips Your Child Will Learn in an Elementary, Middle, or High School Writing Workshop

By APlus on 30 October 19 Blog

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Writing skills are necessary for success in all stages of a child’s education, which is why our writing workshops are available for elementary, middle, and high school students. Being guided through skills and techniques to master essay writing will benefit students from the early levels of their education all the way through to university. These skills can be applied to all subjects, as they strengthen a child’s ability to communicate ideas using different styles and lenses. Students learn how to produce writing that clearly conveys messages, with high school students learning effective text analysis to demonstrate comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Read on for some valuable essay writing tips that a writing workshop can give your child.

1. Brainstorming in Writing Programs for Middle School and Elementary Helps Start Assignments

Brainstorming is a skill that can be applied to problem-solving, creative projects, information gathering, and much more. As a valuable tip when students are preparing their essays, brainstorming allows students to think broadly, creatively, and with an open mind, to capture ideas they may not have otherwise noticed. Your child can learn to freely and openly express themselves through brainstorming and use this skill either alone or in collaboration with other students to generate fresh new ideas.

Brainstorming is intellectually stimulating and shows tangents and pathways between thoughts, with each contribution bouncing off of others. Writing programs for middle school incorporate brainstorming to use as an early step, followed by organization, drafting, review, and ultimately culminating in strongly communicated ideas within various types of writing. This skill will equip your child with the ability to start essays with a solid footing, understanding how to confidently begin an assignment.

The blank space that brainstorming begins with encourages creative thinking in students

The blank space that brainstorming begins with encourages creative thinking in students

2. Text Analysis in Writing Classes for High School Students Helps with Understanding Material

Students in grades 9-12 require preparation for higher education, with the expectations that arise in college-level essay assignments. Every student needs to be able to analyze and think critically about information that is given to them. Analyzing pieces of text effectively when writing essays not only helps your child to understand material, but also to plan and organize their own writing.

In writing classes for high school students, focusing on the extensive analytical skills and tips offered through writing workshops can alleviate confusion and help students learn to grasp key concepts, as well as think about what they are reading. Identifying specific information within a text gives students the skills to explore ideas and topics, using research and resources to their advantage.

3. Peer Editing and Review Lays the Foundation for Additional Learning and Success

The ability to draft essays and use peer review to revise and edit is advantageous to students, especially for those pursuing higher education. Using one another as resources, our students learn to communicate and clarify their ideas to peers. They also learn to formulate helpful questions about other students’ writing, giving them both editing skills and more awareness of clarification that may be necessary in their own writing.

Understanding the value of peer review and feedback, your child can learn how collaborating with other students in their future education will make their writing stronger and clearer. They can also gain communication skills and tactics to appropriately and respectfully give feedback to others, maintaining clarity while choosing professional and productive language. This allows students to develop teamwork, leadership, and listening skills, in addition to collecting this valuable tool to improve their own essay writing.

Peer review teaches skills to formulate questions, collaborate, and incorporate feedback from others

Peer review teaches skills to formulate questions, collaborate, and incorporate feedback from others

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