One on One Tutoring – How to Choose a Private Tutor for Your Child

By A+ Staff on 4 October 16 Blog
private tutor helping middle school student with Math

There’s no doubt that in certain circumstances, one on one tutoring can be a great way to help boost a student’s test scores.  Personal tutors allow for deep individualized work, particularly on certain specific subjects where the student needs extra help and guidance.  A personal tutor can go the extra mile, and give specialized attention and expertise that simply isn’t possible in a standard classroom environment.

The question is, with so many options in tutoring services out there, how do you find the best private tutor to guarantee your child’s success?

How To Find the Best One on One Tutoring For Your Child

Get recommendations.

One on One Tutoring Fellow parents and teachers at your child’s school are usually a good source of advice in finding a tutor.  If there’s one that comes highly recommended by your peers, you’re very likely going to make a good choice.

When you meet your potential tutors, be sure that they have excellent qualifications to back up their recommendations.

Be prepared to interview several candidates.

Remember, you’re the boss in this scenario.  Even if someone comes well-recommended, don’t shy away from asking them tough questions.  This is particularly important when it comes to temperament.  You need a tutor who will match your child’s personality.  The tutor could have great qualifications, but if their teaching style and your child’s learning style don’t match, the tutoring probably won’t be successful.

If possible, have your child sit in on these interviews and take their opinion into consideration.

Ask for a tutoring plan.

A good one on one tutor prepares lesson plans, just like a classroom teacher.  They shouldn’t merely be “winging it.”  You can often sort the good tutors from everyone else by seeing how much prep work they put into their lessons.

Find tutors who can schedule around your child’s learning needs.

It’s common for one on one tutoring to take place after school, but that is also when your child is likely to be tired and distracted from having already spent 8-9 hours in classrooms.  Take their personal schedule into account, and set up the tutoring sessions for times they’ll be most receptive to additional learning.

Keep monitoring progress.

Get regular reports from both the tutor and your child’s classroom teachers.  You should see notable improvement within a few months.  If not, something may be wrong, or you may need a different tutor.

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